Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

OOC: Ashrions call...

Not sure what the scale is of downtime right now, but guessing at least a couple of days go by.
Ral is sitting at +6 for diplomacy
Ral would approach Ashirion, arms spreadout, a reverent smile on his face. Ral’s demeanor is some mix of unease and curiosity.

“Ashirion,” Ral begins, pausing as a look of faux-confusion passed over his brow, “surely there is some other Honorific I can call you by?”
Ral will address Ashirion by his title, if it isn’t…offensive

“I come to you to study, if you’d have me,” he finishes with a bow. “My people have often allied with Dragons, and while your race would be a bit…unconventional…to…say the least…Well, I am sure one of your experience understands that opportunity does not always present itself in conventional ways.”
“I am happy to submit myself to a spell or two, so you know my intentions are pure, along the lines of detect thoughts or zone of truth, if that is within your repertoire?”

My thoughts on the timeframe for the next adventure would be in terms of a few months downtime, before the first kingdom check (basically the government will take some time to form and be itself functional). As to your approach to Ashrion…

“Ahhh… The ADVISOR…” Ashrion says slowly with an arrogant smile. “To what do I owe this HONOR…” He says to you as you approach the throne. He listens to your request…

Please give me a diplomacy check and email me the result. This should be at a +2 bonus beyond what you normally have. Also provide me a sense motive check. Also at a +2.

With your rolls the following occurs:
Ashrion listens to you intently, ponders then offers the following response: “Honorifics, Titles… They mean nothing in the black silence between the stars…” Ashrion states slowly and ponderously. He He gets up from his throne slowly as if in pain or cold and glances back at you. “You ARE different from the others… I can feel it. You can see a bigger… picture…” He looks you over, then shakes his head. “No, i do not have time to train you or provide instruction in whatever you seek… No time…” He says as he begins to make his way to the stairwell leading to the top floor.

Your read on the dragon is as such: You are absolutely sure, based on the body language that the dragon is playing hard to get and that if you continue to make visits, he will give in as he has always intended too… ;)

Ral waits about a week, rethinking the interaction over and over in his head, he heads back to Ashirion.
With a bow he presents himself, plainly, at the edge of Ashrion’s vision.
“If it pleases you, I would have another Audience, Ashirion.”
assuming Ral is granted an audience
“If time is what ails you, perhaps there is something I can do to assist you? I may not be a grand wizard, but I am not ignorant to the Arcane world, and I am quite learned in general. I’ve trained with the Time-wielding Aquamous <sp?> Soldiers of the Cadwallen…I’ve studied in the libraries of Cynwall…Plus, I do hold sway with the local…government. I make no promise, but if there’s something I can do to help…”

Ashrion looks you over and takes his relaxed position on the throne, clearly entertaining your presence. He listens to you then slowly speaks in his booming voice, “Time is not what ails me, it is the knowledge of what will eventually come and find us that does… What do you know of The great beyond? What do your teachers instruct and what have your studies yielded on THAT topic…?” Please give me a knowledge planes check and any other checks you wish to make based on the interaction, diplomacy will not be required unless you wish to expand your request to include specific knowledge or favors.

First I rolled a 17 for a 29 on knowledge planes. On the off chance my you’ll let my familiar assist me (I understand if not, of course), he does assist with an 11 (for a total of 31).
Second, I would like to make a check to see what I know about spells that can see the great beyond.
I rolled a 12, with Spellcraft that would be 27, or for Knowledge Arcane 24. Bird got a 6 so no assisting there regardless of how magnanimous you are.

With the subtle prompting from your familiar who is not comfortable enough with the situation to reveal itself, you are able to begin talking intelligently and fluidly about what you know of the beyond and the weird denizens which have been known to reside in the blackness of space. At first and for a while Ashrion listens with tempered interest. With the volumes worth of info you remember and seamlessly recall, time blurs and you almost mesmerize yourself it seems but Ashrions expression and focus does not change. You come to a point where you become self aware that you might be boring the dragon or overstating your welcome when the dragon itself speaks on the subject you were on and with that, you both synergistically converse with increasing interest on both sides of the conversation. You are also able to tell of spells your instructors cast to glimpse into the black, but warned against doing so, due to the potential to attract unwanted attention or possibly connect with an entity so alien that it could warp your very mind. Ashrion, his tail wagging steadily at this point regains composure and leans in until is in uncomfortably close to your face. “I must ask you another question…” He says while with a slight sneer. “What do you make of your LEADER…? Based on what you know of him, will he betray our deal or should I expect an attempt on my life?” He says flatly and after asking his eyes rapidly surveying you for a reaction… If you wish to lie to him in your characters eyes roll a bluff check with a +2. If you get wushu washy on a response, he will clarify and make it clear he is not asking if he will or not, but whether YOU think he will.

I do not believe Ral has any suspicion Hiro is going to turn against Ashirion, I would remind you that Ral is a bit naive on these sort of things—-I’ve always pictured him as a bit sheltered—-at least as sheltered as someone in this world can be
“I believe him an honorable ma…goblin. I do not believe he will betray your deal, nor will he make an attempt on your life. I’ve followed him this far, and while I would use words such as “greedy”, “arrogant”, and “entitled” to describe him, I would also use terms such as “fair”, “honest”, and “practical”.
I do not mean this as a threat, but if you give him no reason to fear you…"Ral stumbles for a minute, “I mean beyond the fear all mortal men should have of you and the void…I do not think he nor his merry-men would dare come against you.”

Ashrion looks you over and eases back into his throne. “Very well.. We have been talking for quite sometime now. Go back and get some sleep. Come back when you wish to continue our discussions, but come up to my lair on the floor above. We have much to discuss, you and I…” He says with a glare and dislodges himself from the throne and makes his way to the hole in the ceiling leading directly up to his lair. You make your way out of the pyramid to eventually realize you all had been talking for three days. You are beyond tired as the fatigue sets in and your need for water is overpowering reason. You fall asleep for another two days and wake to a nice star lit night without the rain that so dominates the weather in this part of the world. What would you like to do?

Am I just outside when I pass out?
If so, I try to think on what happened in there—Detect Magic, Spellcraft 25, Knowledge Planes 16, Knowledge Arcana 26.
Does where I am make sense based on where I was talking to Ashrion, where I would have been walking between his Pyramid and where we are holed up.

You don’t remember where you passed out. You remember nothing but haze after you left the pyramid. You wake up in your tent. To the bustling of much sawing, hammering and giant speak. No residual spells seem to have befallen you and you are unaware of you would have succumbed to any spell or were just so filled with a scholars focus and adrenaline from being in the presence of such a creature that you just got lost… No tomfoolery appears to have taken place and you have all your stuff…


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