Unosuke Hiro

Uraken Goblin that uses rapiers with lethal efficiency


Unosuke Hiro is a goblin swordsman of the Uraken Clan. Showing promise from a young age as a warrior, he was given the best training available. Unfortunately, he grew tired of the strict discipline and unchanging routines imposed during his training. In his impatience and arrogance, he challenged his teacher, Tsurugi Sensei, to a duel and was both beaten and humiliated.

Knowing that ritual suicide was expected of him to redeem his disgrace, he chose to flee. A combination of unskilled labor and stowing away on various ships landed Hiro in Cadwallon City. At first, Hiro scavenged, stole, and scraped by. Several months after arriving, master duelist Sigmar the Quick caught Hiro trying to steal his coin purse and a short swordfight ensued. Recognizing that the tiny goblin had potential, he forgave the thief and offered him training. Hiro recognized a superior warrior and agreed, hoping to become a master himself to return to his homeland with honor restored.

Sigmar the Quick was raised in the nation of Alahan, and so Hiro learned much of Alahan and Cadwallon culture. Hiro has, as a result, fused the culture and sword fighting styles of those nations with that of his native Uraken. After three years learning from Sigmar, the human was found dead. Sigmar slayed the assassin before succumbing to a poisoned wound, and so Hiro found the corpse of his master along with a Uraken ninja. Swearing revenge, Hiro took up his masters sword (despite it’s unwieldy size to the goblin) and packed his belongings and prepared to leave the city for good.

Hiro’s style both in and out of combat consists of equal measures confidence, speed, and precision. Some would call him cocky, but anybody who has seen the quickness of his blade knows that his swagger is well earned. Experienced with the treachery and intrigue of the Uraken clans, the decorum and niceties of Alaha, and the directness of Cadwallon folk, Hiro is able to adapt and hold his own in a social setting almost as well as in a duel. Although sometimes he is a little bit too honest when subtlety would better serve him, his directness tends to earn trust and friends.

Unosuke Hiro

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