Confrontation is a turn based tabletop strategy game I used to play that was well known for beautiful miniatures and an awesome world. background info on the setting can be found at the following website:
I have taken the liberty to design all the player races available to you based on the setting in Aarklash. In this world, there are really 4 main factions; Meanders of Darkness (evil), Paths of Destiny (neutral), Ways of Light (good) and Cadwallen (fiercely independent mix of all races). This adventure path is heavily dependent on what faction you all chose. Based on the character building meetup, this group chose the Paths of Destiny as your faction.

A note on the races: The races have all been created and can be found in the pdf attached to my initial email and as such, other options normally playable are not generally available. I will say that if you find something that you REALLY like in the Confrontation setting that i have not characterized and really want to play that, let me know and i will see what i can do. All races were created using the general rules (with some notable exceptions) found in the Races Guide with the basic races being 12RP and the advanced races being 27RP. If you want to be a 27RP race, keep in mind that it will cost you one level at all times. Starting level is 2 so if you are a Lion of Alahan (basic race) you will be level 2 but if you pick a Wolfen (advanced race), you will only be level 1.

Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

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