Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

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Prologue Act 1, Scene 1
The friend of a friend and the enemy of my enemy...

Narrator “After a long secluded meditation, the Cynwall Elders have returned from their mountain retreat, focused and sure of the next steps that they must take if they are to win this War of Wars. They decided to act on the signs presented by the cryptic writings of old texts from ancient temples long forgotten by the world of men. If they are to win, a truce must be secured between the prolific goblin clan of the Uraken and the Cynwall to bring them into the fold of the Ways of Light. A truce that can only be attempted by seeking direct council with one called Bazooka, the Uraken Daimyo. For this task, Prophet Tissel Vendule has been foreseen as being the one who will bring this quest success. This quest will cover many cycles and span across a multitude of other races’ territories so a heavy Cynwall Escort will not be possible. Instead, a small contingent of Elves will serve as body guards for the prophet’s journey. Without the protection of the Dragons, mystical constructs or columns of elven spears to protect them, such a small group will undoubtedly be open to brigands and opportunistic monsters of all sorts; it will not, however force a larger military response from the many lands that must be crossed and create conflict where none should be. If they are to succeed, the elves must heed the wisdom of the Prophet, trust in their skills and those of their family and be ever watchful for not only would-be enemies, but also friends hidden only by false preconceived notions and stereotypes.”
Tarathal Opparal – It has been raining for days on end. With the jagged peaks of the Lanever Mountain behind you, you feel somewhat naked without the ever present constructs guarding you or the watchful eyes of the dragons ensuring you are safe. Kataris seems unphased by your realization and in true Kataris fashion only looks to what is ahead.
“A tavern is ahead, the words are in Common tongue. We must be close to Cadwallon…”
“We should enter. We are all cold and hungry. Let’s stop.” Your child Selsi says through chattering teeth as he starts slogging through the mud to reach the warm glowing light of the tavern entrance.
Kataris looks to you “He must get that from me.” She states with a grin as she herself starts toward the lights of the tavern. The smell of humans and other humaniods even less hygienic fills your nostrils as you open the door and enter. The scene is loud. Singing and drinking is clearly what the patrons had in mind for that day, and probably most days you would think. Humans, dwarves, goblins the odd minotaur and a band of orcs currently reside within the spacious tavern’s bar section. Selsi picks out an empty table and takes a seat. As you look around you, you notice much of the ruckus is centered around the minotaur that appears to be in a drinking contest with a human and two dwarves with a goblin thrown in the mix but without a drink in his hands…

Act 1, Scene 1

The quest began with Ank and Hiro heavily involved in a drinking contest that quickly spiraled out of hand when one of the Bak-Dar Brothers (two dwarves) had enough of the minotaur Ank and attacked him with his axe. A battle ensued and Talathal inserted himself into the situation to attempt to calm things down, but ended up using an unintentional racial slur towards the dwarves and was subsequently attacked. Azrael, who was looking to honor his contract with the Cynwall Kataris found the elves in the tavern and quickly came to Talathal’s aid in the lethal bar fight, slashing one of the dwarven brothers with a great swipe from his sword. Ank dropped one brother and Hiro took advantage of the remaining, distracted dwarf to literally slap him into a spin with a skillful blow of his rapier and proceeded to disarm and knock out the other brother. The dwarven brothers where then stabilized and cast into the street at the stern insistance of the Bar Keeper. Ank, Hiro and Azrael were all invited to join the family of Cynwall, who were wanting protection on their long journey to a secluded temple of Cynwall in the Aegis Mountains. Pay was set up through Kataris using the Cynwall Family’s life savings. As the group was drinking to their new found partnership, a group of nine Cynwall entered the Tavern looking to purchase supplies for a long journey they were taking to the Goblin lands. The group was led by two Cynwall, Captain Cel and an elder elf with the trappings of a monk. The troupe invited the PCs to join them for safety reasons, but the group ultimately refused and departed an hour after the troupe did. While sleeping, the PCs were attacked by a group of Akkyshan Elves, who did all they could to kill the Cynwall PC and his family, but not before they attempted to neutralized the other non-Cynwall PCs using advanced tangle foot bags. Though they came close, the drow male would-be assassins were ultimately defeated, with one being killed outright in the battle. At Selsi’s insistence, the PCs moved camp to the East. Once they arrived at their new camp location, Azrael, furious with himself at almost loosing one of his charges, began to savage one of the two unconscious Drow, breaking his neck and ripping into the body, surprising the other party members. During this, Selsi broke from the protective guard of Talathal and touched the savage ex-devourer on the back, which calmed the creature and whispered word into his ear leaving the Wolfen in a greatly changed and almost vulnerable state. After that situation calmed, the group went back on watch and slept without further incident. Everyone woke to find Kataris sitting on a nearby log, looking north. She was seemingly shaken from having been so viciously and brutally attacked the night before. Encouraging words from Ank and Talathal revive the martially minded elf from her self doubt and shame in being so easily bested. Now the PCs all prepare to pack up camp and proceed to the northern Coastal city of Zerin where a boat awaits to transport the group across the Strait What will they do with their one remaining Drow male prisoner, who was still unconscious and tied up and stripped of all but his undergarments…?

Act 1, Scene 2

The adventure began with a brief interrogation of their Akkyshan prisoner. The prisoner would not say much and after having grown bored with the bribery attempts made by the Akkyshan to buy its life from what he thought were only simple mercenaries… He was ultimately asked by the goblin swordsman how he wanted to die. The drow chose beheading and that was made reality in rapid succession. Azrael attempted to track the troupe of Cynwall that headed North the day before. Upon reaching the main road heading north the wolfen found armored horsemen riding rapidly north followed by a column of foot soldiers from Cadwallon. He went back to the group and everyone finished packing up and decided to take the road north to the city of Zerin to catch the boat across the Strait. Not long after reaching the road they came across a road block of Cadwallon soldiers who stopped the group asking about Cynwall and Akkyshan activity. The PCs all were allowed to pass and go on their way but were warned to have the children avert their eyes. Apparently a group of Cynwall and Akkyshan had a battle in the night and the superior number of Akkyshans allowed them to overtake and defeat the Cynwall troupe. The battle left 6 Cynwall and 12 Akkyshan elves dead. Of particular note was a body of a male strewn up by webs for each extremity between two trees its skin having been peeled from the front of the entire body an d a horrible pain stricken face frozen in time. Azrael was able to see that the skin peeled back was light in color making it a Cynwall and the fat layer now exposed gave away that it was that of an older man. The symbols and air told Telethil that the body had not only been tortured while alive but the body had been desecrated using dark magic. Trying not to attract too much attention the PCs moved on but Kataris could not stand to leave the Prophet in that state. Azrael offered to go bury him and she agreed. Azrael went back to go bury the Cynwall elder but not before the pompous Cadwallon LT Picklis objected and tried to force the Wolfen to stand down so as to not “disturb the evidence”. Cadwallon soldiers who were in the middle of looting all the bodies were then activated into arms in an attempt to stop the wolfen but after a brief exchange of words between Ank and the LT, the LT had his force stand down and the Wolfen was allowed to cut the body down. When the Wolfen cut the webbing around the arms and legs of the elder a burst of strong negative energy erupted attacking the very life force of the wolfen. With positive energy infusion into the wolfen by Telethil and bolstered by his own life force the wolfen continued to cut the webbing releasing more and more energy but he was strong. He was finally able to cut the last strands of webbing and broke the desecration. The Elder was buried and the PCs went about their way. With only another day to go the PCs made camp off the road. In the night the Akkyshans would yet again strike, but this time they were not looking to assassinate, at least not in the camp. Quietly they apparently snuck into cample and were able to steal away Telethil and Selsi from right under the nose ot the strong Ank. Ank did hear rustling and with a roar woke the others. after a few rounds Azrael noticed that the two Cynwall were missing but not Kataris. Realizing the family members were gone including her son Kataris began to panic. Azrael caught the scent of Akkyshan and Cynwall and also some other smelly creature he had never smelled before. After a while of tracking he came to a cave in the forested hillside. THe PCs all entered the 5 ft by 5 ft cave. After a while of winding crampeed quarters and with Hiro in the lead the PCs came to a small opening that was riddled with webbing. Hiro cautiously entered the area and ran face to face with a giant spider which proceeded to come out of its funnel hom to attack the Goblin. Just then another creature emerged from the dark corners that was part humanoid part spider and also attacked Hiro. Azrael moved up to help but due to his size (and because the goblin was too small to get caught) got tangled by a noose made of webbing attached to the roof where he effectively plugged up the tunnel leaving Hiro to fend off the attackers. As if things weren’t bad enough a swarm of spiders erupted from a large section of web and began attacking whatever they could. Eventually the Ettercap was killed by Ank, the spider by Hiro and the swarm was burned to death by a well placed series of flaming hands cast by Kataris. After looting the webs and healing up as much as they could the heroes didn’t feel right and just then a huge swarm of spiders erupted from the funnel web tunnel initiating a chase. The chase began with the PCs running into a huge monster with glowing red eyes who stalled the group with fear. The monster attacked but then dissipating revealing its illusionary nature. The next obstacle was a pit trap which was navigated by the party leading them all to an area infested with bats. PCs began to fail and some started to get overtaken by the huge mass of spiders. Sharp stalagmites, Spear trap, took their tool on the group with the big finale being a wall of fire triggered by pressure plates burning Hiro but also burning the spider swarm that was engulfing him effectively ending the chase. Great game guys!

Act 1, Scene 3 & 4
Spider Chase

The group descended further into the earth after licking their wounds from the spider swarm chase. They quickly reached the end of their current tunnel which "T"ed into a larger tunnel filled with a rushing subterranean river. The PCs noticed that ancient, but still functional metal cables stretched the length of the rivers tunnel. Using Azraels scent ability and some giant buoyant mushroom caps as floatation aids, the PCs ventured upriver following the sweet scent of Cynwall. While traveling along the tunnel, the large PCs were ambushed in the water by frog-like creatures with brightly glowing creatures capable of blinding creatures with super radiant bursts of light from their eyes. After a fight and a few characters being blinded, the PCs prevailed and continued their pursuit of their captive Cynwall employers Telethil and Selsi. After an exhausting hand-over-hand/swim, the PCs arrive at what appears to be a main chamber. This open expanse is littered with ancient mining structures and equipment, some reduced to nothing more than vague shapes made of rust. The PCs decide to rest to allow members to shake off the blind effects and regain their strength for the fights ahead, though the group was at a significant disadvantage with respect to resting and recuperating as they were missing their cleric. Upon waking the PCs traveled forth, following the trail of the Cynwall, which was slightly diminished now. Azrael destroyed one of the boats that they found upriver, leaving only enough room for the group to escape downriver along the cables if need be. THe PCs began traveling but before they could leave the massive mining chamber, they were ambushed by corvid-human creatures. The fight was ferocious and left many of the members dying or in poor health. Both Azrael and Kataris dropped during the battle, but fortunately, quick thinking by Hiro and their own fortitude saved them from death but without a healer and being fresh out of healing, the party could only wait for Azrael and Kataris to heal naturally over the course of 5 days.

Meanwhile, Telethil, having finally come to his senses, realized he had been taken captive by the Akkyshan war party and that they were going to be sold as slaves or sacrifices upon arriving in Akkyshan lands. Telethil woke to find himself in a iron 4X4X4 cage. On one side was Selsi unconscious in a similar cage and with the signs of multiple injections in his neck and to his other side was a large spider cocoon with what appeared to be a humaniod shape inside. Upon further inspection, Telethil came to know the person stuck inside, a adolescent Akkyshan female named Lisandra, who was the daughter of an up-and-coming matron mother for the Akkyshans. Lisandra was found to not be brutal enough or honor Lloth to a desirable level so she was forced to join the warparty in order to experience brutality for herself and eventually bring her around to the side of cold, efficient ruthless state so common in her kin. She had resisted but has been forced in her captivity to do horrible things and is constantly abused and tormented by the drow war party, at the matron mothers insistence. Telethil tried to comfort the girl after her beatings and abuse and made a promise that he would save the girl and take her with him. 5 days later they would have their chance to escape. Lisandra had been working ever-so-slowly on making a hole big enough in her spider guarded cocoon to cast a spell and destroy the lock securing Telethil’s cage. While the majority of the drow went off to look for a open path around and through the “horde” which had eluded the drow for days, Lisandra cast her spell and destroyed the old lock holding Telethil. Despite the casting, the drow sentry, who was preoccupied with rolling carved rocks with number etched in them, did not hear the spell of the resulting lock crumbling into pieces on the ground. Telethil snuck up and the guard but not before he was finally spotted by the surprised drow. At the same time the rescue PCs came into the same cavern holding Telethil and they joined together to defeat the lone drow but not before he could shout out to the drow warparty. The warparty poured back into the carver and attempted to engage the PCs. During this time Lisandra, seeing that her new and only friend Telethil was in danger but could escape told him to run and leave her. Telethil, would not leave his new friend behind nor would he break his promise and he stood by her and continued to get her out of the cocoon despite the approaching mass of drow. Seeing that their companion would not leave yet, the rest of the group moved in to assist. Hiro attempted to help Telethil and Azrael used a special alchemists fire given to him by Hrio to burn and blind the drow with a brilliant flash of light, giving the party just enough time to escape. Azrael also noticed some precariously hanging ancient mining rails above and with an arrow cause the structure to fall on top of another group of advancing drow, trapping and crushing them under the rubble. THe PCs escaped with Lisandra but not after she was rendered unconscious by drow poison. Not wanting to give up so easily, the drow female war leader continued pursuit and tried a series of mind affecting spells to get the PCs to at least drop the princess Lisandra, but to no avail. Through mental toughness and sheer luck the party fended off the repeated mental attacks and were able to pull away fro the slower drow priestess (due to armor). THe PCs escaped to the boat and traveled back to their old camp site, leery, but victorious!

Act 1, Scene 5
Jail Break

The Group set up in defensive positions with Hiro taking to the shadows, awaiting the approaching troupe of unidentified humans . A few seconds later Hiro and Kataris notices Azrael’s demeanor shift after he sniffs the air. In a spit second, the wolfen tracker takes off in the direction opposite the approaching humans. With a nod from Hiro, Kataris gives chase, but with the sound of metal clanking and branches snapping, most of the group was too focused to notice the departure of two of their members. Just then, four humans clad in guard armor of Cadwallon, erupt clumsily from the brush. You recognize the Guard LT Picklis from the site of the Cynwall massacre days before, though his smug look is now since faded. He is flanked by 3 other ordinary guards who all stop dead in their tracks at the sight of the group and their minotaur in particular. Breathing a sigh of relief that they did not stumble into something a bit more “hostile” Picklis proceeds to tell the group they must come with him back to Cadwallon as their presence has been demanded by people of influence. Despite, or perhaps because of constant physical prodding by Ank and bribery to let them go, the group was not allowed to leave out of Picklis’ sight until his superior arrived. Enter Captain Sniggle, a Goblin in heavy armor, atop a massive Clydesdale horse, with lance, banner of Cadwallon and a helm that has a ridiculously tall pointed top making his height slightly exceed that of Ank. The arrogant and proud Sniggle and his 21 men escorted the group back to the north guardhouse in the North City section of Cadwallon.
Meanwhile in the North Guard house, two new recruits to the City Watch were preparing for their patrols. The Diakinee Elven Druid Athron and the Human (disguised half-elf) magus Al’Tayir were summoned to the Captains office. Captain Rorn was a rotund, sexist and callous man who was always making lewd comments to the female workers to include Al’Tayir. He tasked the two with interviewing a group of adventures that were being brought in due to some “high-up” interest in their well-being. Rorn wanted to know why this group was so important. Al’Tayir and Athron interviewed the group paying particular attention to the two children; Selsi, and more importantly the adolescent, nearly naked Akkyshan Lisandra who was clearly out of place even amongst this diverse party. The investigators were told the truth (particularly surrounding Lisandra) and this was clearly seen when Lisandra was asked to be separated from the group. Al’Tayir stayed with the young girl to make sure she was guarded, when an older Akkyshan Female dressed in very ornate white spider motif clothing arrived at the Guardhouse. Upon seeing Lisandra, of whose name she clearly knew, Lisandra froze. The woman identified herself as Ambassador Kelsis Duor’dis of the Akkyshan empire and told the girl she would be freed from this place and returned to her people within days. Once the lady left, Lisandra began to act like a caged animal wanting out. She finally opened up to Al’Tayir and Al’Tayir and Athron, both not happy with their current employment, agreed to help the group escape before the young drow would be returned to her tormenting homeland. Meanwhile, Selsi and Telethil were waiting in a separate interrogation room when a blue robbed human with long features and numerous crescent moon symbols adorning his person entered their room. His concern for the group was clear and he wanted to help the group after hearing that another group of Cynwall had been openly attacked and defiled in the area. His introduced himself as Tessin and was himself a Selenite Wizard of Lion origin. He promised he would secured the groups release and book them safer passage to the Coastal City of Zerin, if the group gave him 24 hours. That night, the group prepared themselves for anything. They were given their equipment and their cages unlocked by their new guard allies when Lisandra was once again summoned upstairs to the interrogation room. Al’Tayir accompanied the girl and upon opening the door they saw the Akkyshan Ambassador and another martially inclined male standing in wait. Seeing that the Akkyshan was to be freed into the custody of the Ambassador the group acted and a fight ensued. The party stormed up the stairs while Al’Tayir bought them time by casting obscuring mist, cloaking the room and much of the guardhouse in thick mist. The guards heard the commotion down the stairs to the cells and sounded the alert thinking there was a jail break. The fight was furious with the guard’s Colin Fletcher, Verdeeka, the half-giant Barru and the lewd CAPT Rorn. After the fall of their half-giant enforcer the guards ended up surrendering the fight and allowed the party to leave with their Akkyshan charge. The other Akkyshans were nowhere to be found and beyond casting an unidentified spell did not join in the fight.

Secret Journal of Al'Tayir
Innermost thoughts of Half Elf with Attitude

Journal: Day One AM (after Maltis ditched me for no damned reason)
WELP I WAS PLANNING on leaving today, with that nice big payday that Maltis left me ( I suppose that makes up for his ditching me forever) but it turns out that the Cadwallon guard tracked me down and ID’ed me as the vigilante. Instead of throwing me in jail, they forced me to serve into the guard to pay back the debt for the “damage” I caused being a Do gooder. THE GUARD!!I suppose it is better than having to fork over all of the money that Maltis left me.

I hope he is okay….

Day Ten AM
This is not going well. The captain they put in charge of me, Roan, is in danger of catching a lightning bolt in the face. If he suggests one more sexual act that I should perform in order to get his “favor” I am going to bury my kukri so deep in his…

Regardless, the work is boring. The reason I spent so much as a vigilante appears to be found. The guards have their hands so tied by idiotic management and random laws designed to appeal to the races that live so “in balance” here in the city that is takes a movement of government to arrest someone, I swear. There have been a few very attractive women I had to take reports from. that was fun.

Day 13 AM
God…. Today was terrible, I was almost caught. I had a few days off so I went to one of the outlying villages and got a room. I was walking the prettiest girl in the bar that night home after a very wonderful evening and she pushed my hair back from my ear to kiss me goodbye. She started to react but I managed to distract her from my ears, get her inside and away from me. I booked it out of there without even grabbing the clothes I left in the Inn. I am going to have to change Inns here in the city just to be safe, change my hair color and the name I use, again.

I have got to be more careful or this could end very badly for me…

Day 20 AM
I got a new partner today. He is an actual elf, Daikinee oddly enough. Not sure what he is doing out of his forest and with a freakin DINOSAUR as a pet, but hey, to each his own. Seems like an okay fellow, he got forced into the game just like I did. Hopefully he can blunt the never ending embarrassment and vulgarity of Captain Cock Knocker and his band of Merry Idiots.

Nice to have someone to talk too that isn’t a complete moron. I really miss Maltis. I miss mom and dad too, but that is just between you and me, journal.

Day 30 AM
Well, just when I thought things could not get weirder, they did. The craziest party of people I have ever seen was escorted in from the Outskirts today. A Cynwall elf ( did not recognize me, thank GOD) a Goblin who sounds like he might be Urakan, a huge Minotaur, a younger elf who is supposedly the first elf’s kid and a half naked adolescent Akkyshan of all things!

To top it off, if the story I am hearing is to be believed, half of them got kidnapped by Akkyshan in the middle of the night, the rest tore up a whole war band of Akkyshan to rescue the others, stole this girl because, well they could apparently, and escaped with their lives. The girl is supposedly some sort of Dark elf nobility, and everyone seems freaked out about that. Whatever is going on, I am staying around here.

Bought them some food and better bedding since they are being forced to stay in the cells, and I am going to hang out myself and see what happens next….

Act 1, Scene 6, Summary
On the Run in Cadwallon

A surge of adrenalin fills the characters as they step out of the Guard house and into the ever busy streets of Cadwallon’s North Eastern La Hure District. Athron knew a good place to lay low for at least a little while and showed the group to a forest grove in the heart of Cadwallon within the Soma district. There they found a subterranean locality known to house Daikinee elves interested in a more natural setting owned and operated by a discreet Daikinee named Di’Lorin. The PCs took a much needed rest and were finally able to take a look at their hard won loot from the Akkyshan troupe. Whilst divvying up the loot, they happened across a rather nondescript coin from what appeared to be another age long since gone. Upon rubbing the coin they could see markings from an ancient proto goblin dialect. Magic was present as residual around the coin, but never actually shown from the coin itself as if it was somehow being masked. Not long afterwords a rapid knock was heard on their front door. Cautiously, they approached and opened the door only to find a very strange, outgoing orange colored man-sized goblin like creature standing looking inquisitively around at the architecture on the Daikinee underground tavern. The creatures, whose thumbs were on the wrong side of his hand, introduced itself as Tess’laan and thanked the PCs for setting him free. In return for his release, he offered that should the group ever need to buy or sell, he would come to their aid and do so on their behalf, for only a 10% surcharge. He was, after all, a purveyor of all goods, great and small. Not wanting to be seen, they utilized him and purchase some much needed supplies and gear upgrades. After a day of resting, they were warned by Di’lorin that Cadwallon Guards were asking questions about the group and were going to search the place. While preparing to leave, a set of guards knocked on the PCs door demanding to be let in. By sheer luck the PCs managed to find a hidden escape tunnel that would lead to the surface and began to make their escape. Upon reaching the surface, the group entered into a chase sequence which started with sentry guard dogs spotting the group and due to a lack of training with animals the group failed to silence the dogs who then alerted the Cadwallon Guards. The chase led the group up a drainage pipe to the slanted and precarious rooftops of the city, with the guards not far behind. Eventually the guards would catch the PCs who then decided that rather than keep going, they would face their pursuers. A battle ensued with the PCs defeating the first wave of guard pursuers only to be set upon by another group. The PCs fled into the city and eventually lost the Cadwallon Guards to make for the second haven known to Athron, Al’Tayir’s Teachers tower….

Act 1, Scene 7, Summary
Escape from Cadwallon and Loss along the way...

The Oparal Family Escort (PCs) reunited with Al’Tayir and we joined by a student of Magister Tessin, named Ral De Kabr (Cynwall PC played by Kevin). Ral was given instruction by Tessin to help the party get to the mage tower to the top floor where the teleport circle was. On their way, they heard commotion in the streets. The party sees a precession of Cadwallon Guard on horseback towing what appeared to be Ank’s unconscious body, flanked by guards on foot parading him through the streets on their way to the guard house. From his injuries, it would appear that his attempt to return Brawn’s equipment went horribly wrong and he was ultimately caught. Not seeing any way to break him out the party decided to get to the mage tower first and then see about getting their ally out. They continued on and the sun was set. They turned onto the street which had the mage tower at the end to find it eerily empty, unlike all the other streets on their path. Out of a distant alleyway came a cloaked figure which, after walking calmly into the center of the street, began to walk towards the party with a large object on its back. A few attempts at communication with the figure elicited no response from the figure who continued to slowly approach the party. The party was able to make out that the figure was a built Akkyshan male with a large sheathed weapon on his back. The figure was Abassador Kelsis Duordis’ body guard called Il’Taeus, who calmly demanded the release of Princess Lisandra. With some sharp words from Al’Tayir, a battle ensued with the single Akkysan and his double bladed sword. He fought well but was ultimately bested by the party. Just before they would strike the Akkyshan male down, the ambassador appeared in the street as if pleading for the safety of the male akkyshan. She and the party agreed to terms that if the group would spare the male drow and allow the Ambassador to question Lisandra herself with the use of divination magic, she would allow the group to leave, un-harassed by the Akkyshan or their vassals. After finding out that Lisandra did indeed want to leave with the party on her own free will and getting assurances that the party would look after her, the ambassador fulfilled her end as did the PCs. Ambassador Duordis, who strangely seems relieved and almost happy with the turn of events surrounding Lisandra, provided the almost naked girl with equipment for her future journeys and left with her male and their soldiers. The group made it to the tower and with the help of Tessin, Teleported to an abandoned tower in the fishing village of Zerin where the group was to meet with an orc captain named Demsi Tulsa and his uniquely red, albeit supremely sturdy boat. After asking around the village, the group found the boat and its gruff captain as well as his small goblin first make named Tig. They also found out that howls were heard and humaniods and wolfen had been spotted in the wilderness area near the village in the Crystal Falls area. Hoping to find Azrael and Kataris, the group set out to the Crystal falls, despite being warned not to by locals. The group finds the falls and follow the sounds of howls and the smoke from a campfire which leads them to a glade with a cliff rising 40’ with a sizable waterfall nearby. Hiro scouts ahead and breaks the tree line and locks eyes with a stern but slightly confused, heavily armored wolfen (Devourer). Communication opens up when a half-elf appears along with two other devourers and he begins to converse in Wolfen. They eagerly invite the “educated” goblin to eat at their campsite when a scuffle and female scream is heard back in the campsite behind the Devourers. The Devs all turn and the half-elf laughs as they all disappear. They reemerge with a hogtied, naked and flayed Kataris. Apparently Kataris had tried to take advantage of the distraction to escape but stumbled into a trap. Seeing that the half-elf was going to execute his ally, he tried to buy time but it was not enough and once the group burst into the glade, the Devs executed Kataris by sawing he head off and letting her body drop into the rocks of the river below. They calmly placed the head on the bluff atop the cliff, grabbed an unconscious Azrael and camly departed the opposite direction of the PCs. With the loud crashing and clinking of armor and weapons through foliage, a Cadwallon Militia unit and Officer erupted into the scene. The PCs tried to catch the Devs at first, but realized they could not and moved to retrieve Kataris’ body. The Cadwallon continued to pursue the Devs up the mountainside. The party mourned the loss of their friend and family. Selsi was besides himself in a rare show of strong emotion. Only with the help from Ral was he able to get a hold of himself. The PCs buried her there after performing her final rights under Cynwall Cultural decree.

Act 2, Scene 1, Summary
The River runs red...

Still fresh from the traumatic death of their party member/wife/mother Kataris, the group set out for the town of Zerin with a near catatonic Telethil in tow. Upon reaching the town, the group met up with Captain Tulsa and Tig on-board the “Behemoths Grace”. Wanting to get some items for the trip ahead, the group dispersed into the town. While the other group members where buying basic supplies, Hiro paid a visit to the lone elven guard who was at the guardhouse waiting for the return of the two platoons of Cadwallon Guard sent into the Crystal Falls region to engage the Devourers. After hearing about the encounter and upon hearing ominous howls, the guard ordered that the village erect its meager defensive palisade walls and prepare to defend itself. Al’Tayir spots movement in the forest line in the other direction from the howls suggesting a flanking diversion. Between her and Hiro’s warnings, the town seems to have a fighting chance and braces for an engagement while the heroes make way for the boat and shove off from the dock reluctantly. As the wind continues to take the boat away, the sounds of horrific battle can be heard and fires erupt from various points within the village. The sounds fade into the mist of the night as does the sounds of howls and human battle cries. Leaving that section of the world behind the group focuses on what was in front of them. They get involved in the day-to-day operations on-board a sail ship and after a few days of getting repeatedly whacked by tig and his switch, everyone gains some level of proficiency operating the vessel. Telethil and Selsi seem to be in a protracted state of shock and barely move let alone eat or sleep for days. Midway into the 5 day trip the boat runs across one of the strange river giants on its ornately carved wooden canoe using a stick that is both wading rod and spear and adorned in gold jewelry the 12 foot tall river otter like giant warned the group to stay clear of the large islands ahead as they were the burial site of their emperors of old. Not long after the figure disappeared over the horizon and with the Islands getting closer and closer Athron happens to spot a strange and tiny humaniod creature. It skittishly tries to hide from the elf but his sense lead him right to where it was hiding and through some coaxing, it comes out for a second, long enough for him to see what it was. Athron then relayed this to the CAPT who immediately grew concerned after proclaiming “GREMLIN! We have to go get it, TIG How the hell did you let it on???!!”. The group descended into he lower deck to search for the traditionally destructive and mischievous fey only to find that the bilge below and part of the floor where the triceratops was staying had water sloshing around. Upon further examination into the bilges the source was found by Hiro while diving into the water, a large crack in the hull on one side that appeared to have been cut away from a small knife over a prolonged period of time. The chum barrels had also been broken and tipped into the water which released the contents, normally reserved for fishing into the water which attracted two Bunyips which attacked the ship, broke into the hull and began to attack the underwater repair team. After a tough fight with members running from the terrifying beasts, the group was finally able to down them and regain some control of the ship, despite the severe damage it had sustained. With the captain down and three large holes in the hull, Tig steered the boat right into the shore of the Large island, right where the River Giant had told them NOT to go!


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