Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2 Scene 9
Best laid Plans.....

Our heroes, after spending some time dealing with their individual anger issues towards certain Elf captives, decided that they were going to have to establish their frame of the Elves against the ’Shrooms themselves, using the stolen gear and weapons from the two captives; though Zephyr would be joining them voluntarily from here on out it seemed. The party crept into the Temple and were immediately confronted by screaming plant creatures in cages. Ral sought to communicate with them and learned that they were druidic plant beings that were caged by the ’Shrooms and their leader; some sort of four legged creature that ruled the tower. After making promises of rescue to the most likely benign creatures, the group pressed on ahead, only to encounter some daylight guardians; several ’shroom warriors and a strange green mucus mass assaulted our intrepid warriors brutally.

During the ensuing melee, Emperor Hiro noticed that the attackers had another captive, a Dwarf named Dakus who the verdant invaders were attempting to mind control. the noble leader sprung into action, helping rescue the dwarf while the rest of the group fought off the guards. Unfortunately, the ruckus the battle created turned out to be too much for the slumbering growth below. The party had barely begun to flee when hundreds of the spongy creatures poured out of their warrens to destroy the intruders. Al’Tayir and Ral acted to delay the horde, but it was the sudden appearance of Tokarus and his battlegroup of Giants that saved the day and routed the living wave of creatures.

The party was not given much of a chance to recover, as they quickly discovered that the melee had been witnessed by the leader of the Daikinee tribe living in the ruins, a Captain Kratus Altari and his few followers. Negotiations were arranged between Altari and Emperor Hiro, and eventually an uneasy accord was struck; The elves would provide intel and passage into the dragon’s lair and Hiro’s people would destroy it. If this was successful, then the River Giant’s claim to their ancient home would be acknowledged and formal talks would began about the city and the surrounding territory. Hiro also returned the captive daikinee officer as an gesture of goodwill, and the good Captain officially granted “ownership” of Zephyr to the Emperor. Altari pressed to be allow to clear and thus claim the fungus temple, but the Emperor declined, and our heroes took a few well needed days rest before they headed in to clear out the infested temple and its strange current owner…..

Act 2, Scene 7 and 8, Summary
Clearning out X'Tahl

The heroes continue their clearing of X’Tahl. On their way back from rescuing the young Deinonychus, the party encounters a strange sight. A cautious but seemingly friendly Cynwall elf, caked in grime and layers of insect bites greets the party and seems eager for companionship. He introduces himself as Cedwin and joins the party. After a nights rest the party awakes to find one of their members, Al’Tayir, stricken with a strange disease of some kind and must rest. The party leaves the half-elf in the safety of the gate tower and descends down into the Fungus pyramid to the south east. Upon entering, the party immediately encounters a swarm of leeches along with two giant leeches who, with some difficulty are slain. The party moves deeper into the pyramids first floor and encounters two strange creatures amidst the various forms of fungus called Otyughs along with another aggressive and mobile form of fungus. The players are able to overcome the encounter and hear strange warped baby-like cries coming from deeper within the upper levels of the pyramid but must retreat to treat their wounds and afflictions. The players hold u[p in their gate house but are beset by a strange creature in the night. After some back and forth antics, invisibility and many castings of grease the creature reveals itself to be a Faery dragon named Sa’uel. It takes a liking to the group and stays with them for safety and converses with them. After learning of the different entities/factions within the ancient ruins, the group come up with a plan to set the Daikinee and Fungal creatures against each other and use Sa’uels help to gather Daikinee equipment and even use him to lure two unsuspecting Daikinee out of their pyramid where the group ambushes them. The group finds out that one of the Daikinee appears to be an outcast/slave and decide to give that Daikinee an option to join them. His name is Zefer. The other Daikinee ultimately refuses and is subdued multiple times by the party and ultimately placed under Sa’uel’s protection/guard in his second hiding spot in the main gate houses to the south.

Act 2, Scene 6, Summary
Clensing of X'Tahl

The Heroes began the session in a fight with the two strange fungal humanoids that they found watching them as they fought the large plant creature. Hiro, growing tired of trying to converse with the alien creatures called Myceloids, engaged them, initiating a surprisingly tough battle. Once the party emerged victorious, it had been made clear that some of the party were inflicted with a strange disease of some kind. Ral, fresh from his night of recuperation from a nasty bout of sea sickness joined the party. Despite the onset of the strange affliction, and unhindered by the booming vocalizations of dinosaurs close by, Emperor Hiro and the group pushed ever further toward their goal, the ancient ruins of X’Tahl. A few hours of tough bushwhacking led the characters to the opening they had been waiting for, the City of X’Tahl in all its ancient glory. The four pyramids formed the center of the city ruins, though another dominant feature was the aqueducts which still rose and ran between and round the pyramids. In the center of the ruins appeared to be gates on the raised aqueducts that were open and draining water into the land below. The grounds surrounding the pyramid were saturated with water which had formed an established shallow lake. Dinosaurs could be seen and heard grazing in the marshes and an entire ecosystem was in place. interested in exploring and reclaiming the city, the group used Hiro’s boat and began to wade into the city noting stone structures barely submerged in the water which looked to have once been the shells of buildings. Insects were everywhere in and around the lake and countless other creatures were seen feasting upon them. While taking it all in, the group was tracked and overrun by a swarm of mosquitoes. Even a giant mosquito, which normally fed on dinosaurs was attracted by the groups scent attacked. In the battle Trihorn was targeted by the insects and lost its life protecting the group. After defeating the insects, the group was in dire need of rest and healing. They decided on setting up camp in one of the gate houses flanking the aqueduct. Trihorn was given a viking funeral. Just as the group were paying their final respects, Athron hear a distressed cry coming from nearby, that for a moment sounded like Trihorn. Athron rushed quickly to the source of the cries only to find a Dienonychus trapped in a hunters trap along the side of one of the Pyramids. As it struggled to free itself, its pack were running away full speed. Athron sprung into action, going to free the animal. In doing so, he had an arrow plunk next to him and realized another one of his kinsmen, a Daikinee archer, was watching, confused and angry. Athron freed the creature and led it to safety while the Elf got irate and tried shooting Athron before he disappeared under the Aqueducts.

Act 2, Scene 5, Summary
The Chosen Emperor

After much deliberation, the heroes decide to name one of their own as Emperor, Emperor Hiro. The Uraken born Goblin accepted the nomination much to the apprehension of the two Kata’Tsu reps present. From the Sound emerged a Kata’Tsu Shaman called Ka’Riin who embraced the Heroes and the new emperor but warned Hiro that his ascension to Emperor, would not be so easy and that if he was interested in doing it right, he would first have to retake the cultural capitol of the Kata’Tsu and ancient city called X’Tahl. He would have to claim it, clear it and hoist the ancient X’Tahl banner above the tallest pyramid. X_Tahl_Banner.jpg
The PCs parted ways with Telethil who was adamant that his quest not be sidetracked with such an undertaking but did allow for CAPT Tulsa and First Mate Tig to take the group to a staging area already set up by Alayus and Tokaris. Apparently, the two had convinced family and friends from their respective tribes to begin working together to reclaim a section of land directly east of the ruins of X’Tahl in hopes of one day being able to have a space to stage out of in order to reclaim the ancient city. Farms and fishing had been fully established as had a route to the ruins. After a massive feast in their honor, the PCs made way for the ruins to begin the reclamation. After a big fight with a rather hungry and strange large carnivorous plant the PCs spotted some weird humaniod fungus creatures and attempted to engage them in conversation…ct59_2903_tear-in-time_1049_dennischan.jpg

Act 2, Scene 3 & 4, Summary
Emperor's Trials part 2 and 3

The PCs push on through the remaining rooms within the underground compound. The remaining rooms have themes of their own with challenges to overcome, challenging the heroes in different ways but all are ultimately beaten leaving the PCs back in the central chamber with the ever present Delovis. Delovis instructed the heroes that the final challenge still awaits them and that they should take time to rest now because once the final test begins, their time to complete it will be limited. The PCs decide to head back to the boat to check on the others and see how the repairs are going. The Pcs tell CAPT Tulsa and Tig what happened and the CAPT is just flabbergasted that they would take on such a task after his warning not to tangel with the Kata’Tsu. It also comes out that Al’Tayir is a half-elf in disguise and the groups takes that news rather well considering their previous dealings with half-elves resulted in the death of a loved one and the mental instability of a PC. After turning to for the night the PCs manage to see two boats each with a single large figure manning them with pole and spear. Delovis had warned the PCs that he had summoned two kata’Tsu that he felt would be strong candidates for leadership should the PCs not wish to don that mantle. Sure enough the two Kata’Tsu came into close range/view. One introduced itself in common as Alayus and wore simple clothes and appeared to be a gentle fisherman. THe other was sleeker and much more militaristic having armor and a ornate spear. He did not speak common but introduced himself as Tokaris. The two seemed to know one another and were very friendly towards one another. They went with the PCs back to the trials. The Heroes accepted the final trial but was asked by Delovis that if they did undertake this test, that they would see it to the “finish”. Upon agreeing, Delovis said their first task was to defeat him and use his “key”, the spear he held at all times. He explained that once the trial started, he would have to attack the PCs as it is his duty not to allow any harm to befall the Emperor and his family. He apologized and wished them good luck in the trial. As the PCs stepped on the alter, Delovis changed and attacked the PCs, activating his teleportation circle sending half the party into random rooms. The PCs took him down and found that through the use of positive energy, they could separate his trapped soul from the undead husk. At that point the incorporeal Delovis instructed the PCs to use the keys and relay the theme from each of the 8 paths. Once the PCs agreed to the themes and recited them the alter rose into a chamber above the anti chamber which revealed a tomb with three sarcophagi (one adult male Kata’Tsu, One female adult Kata’Tsu and a child). THe could see a wicked Ransuer over the Male and a circlet above the female. Almost immediately a Juju zombie river giant grabbed the ransuer and a visage of the female giant materialized in the form of an allip from the sarcophagi and attacked the PCs. After a tough fight the PCs managed to trap the male in a pit and dealt with the female. Using the key spear the female was defeated but not before the ghost of the child jumped into the spear in a vain attempt to protect its mother. Enraged and with the ending of the spell the Male attacked but was ultimately defeated by the PCs. With a final positive energy burst they too were all released from their undead shackles to reveal pure white souls that stood with Delovis and thanked the PCs before departing into the afterlife. The PCs all stood, tired and drained of strength and knowing that a tough choice awaited them, as they would have to choose who would lead the Kata’Tsu people back into prosperity…

Act 2, Scene 2, Summary
Emperor's Isle

The PCs find themselves beached on the pebble shore of the Emperor’s Isle, the one place the River Giants forbade them from exploring. The group met up to do a head count and health check. They revived the CAPT and began to take in their surroundings. Telethil finally came to after his days of spiritual shock at the violent loss of his wife. Lasandra was acting weird and snipped at Al’Tayir. The group decided to pursue the gremlin up a stone path which leads up the mountain that dominates the tree less island. The path leads up about halfway up the mountain and ends in a cave entrance which had two burnt torches on either side suggesting recent use. The group proceeded down into the cave following the tiny gremlins footprints which after a 30 minute decent with a few switchbacks revealed a larger chamber with a river cutting through the middle of the room and a strangely placed ornately carved canoe on the river attached to a spike on the far side bank. The room has a large circular stone door with only a sliver opening in one corner. The room was carved all around to show a wrapping mural showing the river giants in an Egyptian-like style pulling up the shore anchor and traveling down a river. the river in the room was 15 feet across and 15 feet down. The group discovered that the door would open by pulling the spike out a bit. This revealed a much larger room with a faint light in the center of this 100 ft octagon. Front and center were three large statues, the first with a snake which had weapons and colored class and sparkly shiny things as offerings at its base. The next statue is an anthropomorphic otter with artwork and handmade items at its base. The third was a crocodile with food at its base. Behind the three statues was a 20’X20’ raised platform with a strange figure looking over golden tablets that gave no response to the party and paid them no mind. The group engaged the figure who eventually introduced itself as Del’Ovis as was identified as a Crypt Thing. Once engaged in conversation the creature took great interest in the world and the PCs. Eventually a sadness came over the undead creature as it described its task in life and death as guarding and watching over the Emperor Kisose and his wife Tilotha. It mentions a trial to reclaim an artifact of great power within this tomb and through diplomacy and conversation was convinced to let the PCs undergo the tasks. With a strike of its staff on the ground of the platform the PCs were teleported into different chambers each with its own task in order to complete. Each room would apparently have a clue that when relayed to the Keeper, would open the path to the treasure.

Act 2, Scene 1, Summary
The River runs red...

Still fresh from the traumatic death of their party member/wife/mother Kataris, the group set out for the town of Zerin with a near catatonic Telethil in tow. Upon reaching the town, the group met up with Captain Tulsa and Tig on-board the “Behemoths Grace”. Wanting to get some items for the trip ahead, the group dispersed into the town. While the other group members where buying basic supplies, Hiro paid a visit to the lone elven guard who was at the guardhouse waiting for the return of the two platoons of Cadwallon Guard sent into the Crystal Falls region to engage the Devourers. After hearing about the encounter and upon hearing ominous howls, the guard ordered that the village erect its meager defensive palisade walls and prepare to defend itself. Al’Tayir spots movement in the forest line in the other direction from the howls suggesting a flanking diversion. Between her and Hiro’s warnings, the town seems to have a fighting chance and braces for an engagement while the heroes make way for the boat and shove off from the dock reluctantly. As the wind continues to take the boat away, the sounds of horrific battle can be heard and fires erupt from various points within the village. The sounds fade into the mist of the night as does the sounds of howls and human battle cries. Leaving that section of the world behind the group focuses on what was in front of them. They get involved in the day-to-day operations on-board a sail ship and after a few days of getting repeatedly whacked by tig and his switch, everyone gains some level of proficiency operating the vessel. Telethil and Selsi seem to be in a protracted state of shock and barely move let alone eat or sleep for days. Midway into the 5 day trip the boat runs across one of the strange river giants on its ornately carved wooden canoe using a stick that is both wading rod and spear and adorned in gold jewelry the 12 foot tall river otter like giant warned the group to stay clear of the large islands ahead as they were the burial site of their emperors of old. Not long after the figure disappeared over the horizon and with the Islands getting closer and closer Athron happens to spot a strange and tiny humaniod creature. It skittishly tries to hide from the elf but his sense lead him right to where it was hiding and through some coaxing, it comes out for a second, long enough for him to see what it was. Athron then relayed this to the CAPT who immediately grew concerned after proclaiming “GREMLIN! We have to go get it, TIG How the hell did you let it on???!!”. The group descended into he lower deck to search for the traditionally destructive and mischievous fey only to find that the bilge below and part of the floor where the triceratops was staying had water sloshing around. Upon further examination into the bilges the source was found by Hiro while diving into the water, a large crack in the hull on one side that appeared to have been cut away from a small knife over a prolonged period of time. The chum barrels had also been broken and tipped into the water which released the contents, normally reserved for fishing into the water which attracted two Bunyips which attacked the ship, broke into the hull and began to attack the underwater repair team. After a tough fight with members running from the terrifying beasts, the group was finally able to down them and regain some control of the ship, despite the severe damage it had sustained. With the captain down and three large holes in the hull, Tig steered the boat right into the shore of the Large island, right where the River Giant had told them NOT to go!

Act 1, Scene 7, Summary
Escape from Cadwallon and Loss along the way...

The Oparal Family Escort (PCs) reunited with Al’Tayir and we joined by a student of Magister Tessin, named Ral De Kabr (Cynwall PC played by Kevin). Ral was given instruction by Tessin to help the party get to the mage tower to the top floor where the teleport circle was. On their way, they heard commotion in the streets. The party sees a precession of Cadwallon Guard on horseback towing what appeared to be Ank’s unconscious body, flanked by guards on foot parading him through the streets on their way to the guard house. From his injuries, it would appear that his attempt to return Brawn’s equipment went horribly wrong and he was ultimately caught. Not seeing any way to break him out the party decided to get to the mage tower first and then see about getting their ally out. They continued on and the sun was set. They turned onto the street which had the mage tower at the end to find it eerily empty, unlike all the other streets on their path. Out of a distant alleyway came a cloaked figure which, after walking calmly into the center of the street, began to walk towards the party with a large object on its back. A few attempts at communication with the figure elicited no response from the figure who continued to slowly approach the party. The party was able to make out that the figure was a built Akkyshan male with a large sheathed weapon on his back. The figure was Abassador Kelsis Duordis’ body guard called Il’Taeus, who calmly demanded the release of Princess Lisandra. With some sharp words from Al’Tayir, a battle ensued with the single Akkysan and his double bladed sword. He fought well but was ultimately bested by the party. Just before they would strike the Akkyshan male down, the ambassador appeared in the street as if pleading for the safety of the male akkyshan. She and the party agreed to terms that if the group would spare the male drow and allow the Ambassador to question Lisandra herself with the use of divination magic, she would allow the group to leave, un-harassed by the Akkyshan or their vassals. After finding out that Lisandra did indeed want to leave with the party on her own free will and getting assurances that the party would look after her, the ambassador fulfilled her end as did the PCs. Ambassador Duordis, who strangely seems relieved and almost happy with the turn of events surrounding Lisandra, provided the almost naked girl with equipment for her future journeys and left with her male and their soldiers. The group made it to the tower and with the help of Tessin, Teleported to an abandoned tower in the fishing village of Zerin where the group was to meet with an orc captain named Demsi Tulsa and his uniquely red, albeit supremely sturdy boat. After asking around the village, the group found the boat and its gruff captain as well as his small goblin first make named Tig. They also found out that howls were heard and humaniods and wolfen had been spotted in the wilderness area near the village in the Crystal Falls area. Hoping to find Azrael and Kataris, the group set out to the Crystal falls, despite being warned not to by locals. The group finds the falls and follow the sounds of howls and the smoke from a campfire which leads them to a glade with a cliff rising 40’ with a sizable waterfall nearby. Hiro scouts ahead and breaks the tree line and locks eyes with a stern but slightly confused, heavily armored wolfen (Devourer). Communication opens up when a half-elf appears along with two other devourers and he begins to converse in Wolfen. They eagerly invite the “educated” goblin to eat at their campsite when a scuffle and female scream is heard back in the campsite behind the Devourers. The Devs all turn and the half-elf laughs as they all disappear. They reemerge with a hogtied, naked and flayed Kataris. Apparently Kataris had tried to take advantage of the distraction to escape but stumbled into a trap. Seeing that the half-elf was going to execute his ally, he tried to buy time but it was not enough and once the group burst into the glade, the Devs executed Kataris by sawing he head off and letting her body drop into the rocks of the river below. They calmly placed the head on the bluff atop the cliff, grabbed an unconscious Azrael and camly departed the opposite direction of the PCs. With the loud crashing and clinking of armor and weapons through foliage, a Cadwallon Militia unit and Officer erupted into the scene. The PCs tried to catch the Devs at first, but realized they could not and moved to retrieve Kataris’ body. The Cadwallon continued to pursue the Devs up the mountainside. The party mourned the loss of their friend and family. Selsi was besides himself in a rare show of strong emotion. Only with the help from Ral was he able to get a hold of himself. The PCs buried her there after performing her final rights under Cynwall Cultural decree.

Act 1, Scene 6, Summary
On the Run in Cadwallon

A surge of adrenalin fills the characters as they step out of the Guard house and into the ever busy streets of Cadwallon’s North Eastern La Hure District. Athron knew a good place to lay low for at least a little while and showed the group to a forest grove in the heart of Cadwallon within the Soma district. There they found a subterranean locality known to house Daikinee elves interested in a more natural setting owned and operated by a discreet Daikinee named Di’Lorin. The PCs took a much needed rest and were finally able to take a look at their hard won loot from the Akkyshan troupe. Whilst divvying up the loot, they happened across a rather nondescript coin from what appeared to be another age long since gone. Upon rubbing the coin they could see markings from an ancient proto goblin dialect. Magic was present as residual around the coin, but never actually shown from the coin itself as if it was somehow being masked. Not long afterwords a rapid knock was heard on their front door. Cautiously, they approached and opened the door only to find a very strange, outgoing orange colored man-sized goblin like creature standing looking inquisitively around at the architecture on the Daikinee underground tavern. The creatures, whose thumbs were on the wrong side of his hand, introduced itself as Tess’laan and thanked the PCs for setting him free. In return for his release, he offered that should the group ever need to buy or sell, he would come to their aid and do so on their behalf, for only a 10% surcharge. He was, after all, a purveyor of all goods, great and small. Not wanting to be seen, they utilized him and purchase some much needed supplies and gear upgrades. After a day of resting, they were warned by Di’lorin that Cadwallon Guards were asking questions about the group and were going to search the place. While preparing to leave, a set of guards knocked on the PCs door demanding to be let in. By sheer luck the PCs managed to find a hidden escape tunnel that would lead to the surface and began to make their escape. Upon reaching the surface, the group entered into a chase sequence which started with sentry guard dogs spotting the group and due to a lack of training with animals the group failed to silence the dogs who then alerted the Cadwallon Guards. The chase led the group up a drainage pipe to the slanted and precarious rooftops of the city, with the guards not far behind. Eventually the guards would catch the PCs who then decided that rather than keep going, they would face their pursuers. A battle ensued with the PCs defeating the first wave of guard pursuers only to be set upon by another group. The PCs fled into the city and eventually lost the Cadwallon Guards to make for the second haven known to Athron, Al’Tayir’s Teachers tower….

Secret Journal of Al'Tayir
Innermost thoughts of Half Elf with Attitude

Journal: Day One AM (after Maltis ditched me for no damned reason)
WELP I WAS PLANNING on leaving today, with that nice big payday that Maltis left me ( I suppose that makes up for his ditching me forever) but it turns out that the Cadwallon guard tracked me down and ID’ed me as the vigilante. Instead of throwing me in jail, they forced me to serve into the guard to pay back the debt for the “damage” I caused being a Do gooder. THE GUARD!!I suppose it is better than having to fork over all of the money that Maltis left me.

I hope he is okay….

Day Ten AM
This is not going well. The captain they put in charge of me, Roan, is in danger of catching a lightning bolt in the face. If he suggests one more sexual act that I should perform in order to get his “favor” I am going to bury my kukri so deep in his…

Regardless, the work is boring. The reason I spent so much as a vigilante appears to be found. The guards have their hands so tied by idiotic management and random laws designed to appeal to the races that live so “in balance” here in the city that is takes a movement of government to arrest someone, I swear. There have been a few very attractive women I had to take reports from. that was fun.

Day 13 AM
God…. Today was terrible, I was almost caught. I had a few days off so I went to one of the outlying villages and got a room. I was walking the prettiest girl in the bar that night home after a very wonderful evening and she pushed my hair back from my ear to kiss me goodbye. She started to react but I managed to distract her from my ears, get her inside and away from me. I booked it out of there without even grabbing the clothes I left in the Inn. I am going to have to change Inns here in the city just to be safe, change my hair color and the name I use, again.

I have got to be more careful or this could end very badly for me…

Day 20 AM
I got a new partner today. He is an actual elf, Daikinee oddly enough. Not sure what he is doing out of his forest and with a freakin DINOSAUR as a pet, but hey, to each his own. Seems like an okay fellow, he got forced into the game just like I did. Hopefully he can blunt the never ending embarrassment and vulgarity of Captain Cock Knocker and his band of Merry Idiots.

Nice to have someone to talk too that isn’t a complete moron. I really miss Maltis. I miss mom and dad too, but that is just between you and me, journal.

Day 30 AM
Well, just when I thought things could not get weirder, they did. The craziest party of people I have ever seen was escorted in from the Outskirts today. A Cynwall elf ( did not recognize me, thank GOD) a Goblin who sounds like he might be Urakan, a huge Minotaur, a younger elf who is supposedly the first elf’s kid and a half naked adolescent Akkyshan of all things!

To top it off, if the story I am hearing is to be believed, half of them got kidnapped by Akkyshan in the middle of the night, the rest tore up a whole war band of Akkyshan to rescue the others, stole this girl because, well they could apparently, and escaped with their lives. The girl is supposedly some sort of Dark elf nobility, and everyone seems freaked out about that. Whatever is going on, I am staying around here.

Bought them some food and better bedding since they are being forced to stay in the cells, and I am going to hang out myself and see what happens next….


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