Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 1, Scene 1

The quest began with Ank and Hiro heavily involved in a drinking contest that quickly spiraled out of hand when one of the Bak-Dar Brothers (two dwarves) had enough of the minotaur Ank and attacked him with his axe. A battle ensued and Talathal inserted himself into the situation to attempt to calm things down, but ended up using an unintentional racial slur towards the dwarves and was subsequently attacked. Azrael, who was looking to honor his contract with the Cynwall Kataris found the elves in the tavern and quickly came to Talathal’s aid in the lethal bar fight, slashing one of the dwarven brothers with a great swipe from his sword. Ank dropped one brother and Hiro took advantage of the remaining, distracted dwarf to literally slap him into a spin with a skillful blow of his rapier and proceeded to disarm and knock out the other brother. The dwarven brothers where then stabilized and cast into the street at the stern insistance of the Bar Keeper. Ank, Hiro and Azrael were all invited to join the family of Cynwall, who were wanting protection on their long journey to a secluded temple of Cynwall in the Aegis Mountains. Pay was set up through Kataris using the Cynwall Family’s life savings. As the group was drinking to their new found partnership, a group of nine Cynwall entered the Tavern looking to purchase supplies for a long journey they were taking to the Goblin lands. The group was led by two Cynwall, Captain Cel and an elder elf with the trappings of a monk. The troupe invited the PCs to join them for safety reasons, but the group ultimately refused and departed an hour after the troupe did. While sleeping, the PCs were attacked by a group of Akkyshan Elves, who did all they could to kill the Cynwall PC and his family, but not before they attempted to neutralized the other non-Cynwall PCs using advanced tangle foot bags. Though they came close, the drow male would-be assassins were ultimately defeated, with one being killed outright in the battle. At Selsi’s insistence, the PCs moved camp to the East. Once they arrived at their new camp location, Azrael, furious with himself at almost loosing one of his charges, began to savage one of the two unconscious Drow, breaking his neck and ripping into the body, surprising the other party members. During this, Selsi broke from the protective guard of Talathal and touched the savage ex-devourer on the back, which calmed the creature and whispered word into his ear leaving the Wolfen in a greatly changed and almost vulnerable state. After that situation calmed, the group went back on watch and slept without further incident. Everyone woke to find Kataris sitting on a nearby log, looking north. She was seemingly shaken from having been so viciously and brutally attacked the night before. Encouraging words from Ank and Talathal revive the martially minded elf from her self doubt and shame in being so easily bested. Now the PCs all prepare to pack up camp and proceed to the northern Coastal city of Zerin where a boat awaits to transport the group across the Strait What will they do with their one remaining Drow male prisoner, who was still unconscious and tied up and stripped of all but his undergarments…?

Prologue Act 1, Scene 1
The friend of a friend and the enemy of my enemy...

Narrator “After a long secluded meditation, the Cynwall Elders have returned from their mountain retreat, focused and sure of the next steps that they must take if they are to win this War of Wars. They decided to act on the signs presented by the cryptic writings of old texts from ancient temples long forgotten by the world of men. If they are to win, a truce must be secured between the prolific goblin clan of the Uraken and the Cynwall to bring them into the fold of the Ways of Light. A truce that can only be attempted by seeking direct council with one called Bazooka, the Uraken Daimyo. For this task, Prophet Tissel Vendule has been foreseen as being the one who will bring this quest success. This quest will cover many cycles and span across a multitude of other races’ territories so a heavy Cynwall Escort will not be possible. Instead, a small contingent of Elves will serve as body guards for the prophet’s journey. Without the protection of the Dragons, mystical constructs or columns of elven spears to protect them, such a small group will undoubtedly be open to brigands and opportunistic monsters of all sorts; it will not, however force a larger military response from the many lands that must be crossed and create conflict where none should be. If they are to succeed, the elves must heed the wisdom of the Prophet, trust in their skills and those of their family and be ever watchful for not only would-be enemies, but also friends hidden only by false preconceived notions and stereotypes.”
Tarathal Opparal – It has been raining for days on end. With the jagged peaks of the Lanever Mountain behind you, you feel somewhat naked without the ever present constructs guarding you or the watchful eyes of the dragons ensuring you are safe. Kataris seems unphased by your realization and in true Kataris fashion only looks to what is ahead.
“A tavern is ahead, the words are in Common tongue. We must be close to Cadwallon…”
“We should enter. We are all cold and hungry. Let’s stop.” Your child Selsi says through chattering teeth as he starts slogging through the mud to reach the warm glowing light of the tavern entrance.
Kataris looks to you “He must get that from me.” She states with a grin as she herself starts toward the lights of the tavern. The smell of humans and other humaniods even less hygienic fills your nostrils as you open the door and enter. The scene is loud. Singing and drinking is clearly what the patrons had in mind for that day, and probably most days you would think. Humans, dwarves, goblins the odd minotaur and a band of orcs currently reside within the spacious tavern’s bar section. Selsi picks out an empty table and takes a seat. As you look around you, you notice much of the ruckus is centered around the minotaur that appears to be in a drinking contest with a human and two dwarves with a goblin thrown in the mix but without a drink in his hands…

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