Ghorak Umruk

This Orc hunter/storyteller has a strong bond with his Brontops mount Morkhai


Ghorak is a hunter from the Bran-O-Kor tribe who was raised alongside his trusted friend Morkhai. Morkhai is a juvenile brontops who will someday grow strong enough to carry Ghorak into battle. Both of them have been inseparable since birth and some of the elders joke that they can even speak to each other in their own language. Ghorak claims that although they are different species, they share the same soul. Neither of them look too kindly on those who would insult the other; to speak ill of one is to speak ill of both.

Morkhai was very temperamental as a young beast and one of the few things that calmed him down was being told stories in a dramatic fashion. Ghorak has always had a gift for telling stories and is eager to learn as many of them as he can. He has an insatiable, and sometimes dangerous, thirst for knowledge of the world outside of the scorching Bran-O-Kor deserts and plains. He has visited his mother’s relatives in the distant Behemoth Mountains where he first discovered the sacred Tree-Spirit.

Morkhai’s father was an Amok Slayer who taught him the many deadly fighting skills of the orc people. Unfortunately, his father was killed in a fight with some Dirz Skorize Warriors while successfully freeing a slave caravan of Goblins destined for the experimental pits of the Scorpion. Morkhai wields his father’s Silver Amok Flail to this day, as well as the traditional halberd of the brontops riders.

Ghorak Umruk

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