DECEASED - Delovis

Undead Elf former servant of the Kata'Tsu Emperor in a time long forgotten


Now a Crypt Thing, created to guard over the tomb of the last Kata’Tsu Emperor and the facilitator of the Emperor’s challenge on Emperor’s Isle. He is in flowing robes and holds a spear with a key like head. He is constantly moving from stone table to table reading, sorting and caring for gold tablets that serve as historical record for the Kata’Tsu people.


Delovis was the descendant of a long line of elven imperial caretakers for the Emperor of the Kata’Tsu and their family. He is as loyal and caring of his charges in death as he was in life. The decision to become an undead in eternal service to his masters was his alone. At the end of the last great war a mysterious plague (though many believed it to be of Ophidian origin) had decimated the Kata’Tsu people and had infected even the imperial family. Seeing that all was about to be lost, the Imperial family contacted a powerful elven oracle. This oracle instructed them that if they were to maintain critical information on their people and set up a series of nine tests on their Island of prayer that they would eventually allow the kata’Tsu people to rise again to a position of power and prosperity. Seeing his end the Emperor followed the Oracles advise, the Emperor converted their family burial site to its current form. Eventually all members of the family would pass away and over time, their restless spirits would become more and more filled with despair and torment. Delovis sees this and focus’ on his studies in the hopes that one day a worthy party would enter and claim the Throne or pass it to a worthy Kata’Tsu who would not only release him and his charges from their eternal misery, but also bring the Kata’Tsu people back into prosperity.

DECEASED - Delovis

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