Ank. It means Strength in an ancient tongue. Or maybe it doesn’t, but Ank likes to think it does and no one has ever felt inclined to correct him.

Ank is a minotaur bloodrager, cross-blooded arcane and destined. He fully believes he is the greatest living being ever to walk the earth. He’s not especially vain cocky or about it, but he is convinced, considering it more of a fact than a boast. If he sees a challenge, he feels compelled to give it a shot and whether he succeeds (e.g. arm wrestling) or fails (e.g. a spelling test) his faith in himself is unshakable. He’s speaks only when he is sure his words will make a difference (though he’s often wrong about this).

Ank quickly outgrew his tribe. Recognizing that his greatness was being stifled, he left seeking glory. He has been wandering about for the last couple years, becoming increasingly bored as he struggles to find something worthy of applying his full strength.

Ank’s preferred fighting style revolves around smashing, trampling and goring. When he rages, there is nothing in the world that can stop him (or that’s what he would tell you anyway).