Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Clearing space for Growth

As the Heros discuss the particulars of their newly established empire, 22 miles to the east the Kata’Tsu strike group arrives at the edge of the blasted land surrounding a huge gaping 200’ radius hole in the ground. General Tokaris meets with the fatigued scouts he sent ahead to survey the surrounding land to find that they had lost a member of their original three kata team to something massive that was lightning quick and attacked in the night. Tokaris conferred with Athron who could not ascertain what the massive creature was. Knowing that if the fledgling empire were to expand that this creature would have to be vanquished, Tokaris looks over his soldiers, about half northern and half southern tribe. About the only similarity across his army was the fact that they were Kata’Tsu and wielded spears, but even the spears were of different makes and styles. He looked at the huge 200’ lair entrance and ordered his army to form up into two wedge formations and advance into the lair with both Athron and Kupar’te in the support row behind the vanguard. The army advanced slowly and on guard, but saw nothing as they moved around towards the rear of the cavern which seemed to terminate into a subterranean river. Just then The army heard loud scraping on stone above the formations and dead silent air for a split second. With a thunderous SLAM, a titanic centipede landed on the ground from the ceiling, it’s body easily stretching to 50+ feet in length, with legs ending in spear like spikes and huge mandibles dripping with vile venom set under its massive head. Despite the danger, Tokaris ordered the army to unleash a volley of their thrown Taki (ancestral stylized thrown weapons not unlike huge stone blunted darts). The darts all failed to pierce the thick carapace and the creature moved with blinding speed to engage the army. The two wedge formations seemed to dissolve into a mass of fighting kata engaged with the closest leg and body section when Tokaris ordered them to regain formation and strike in flanks while he kept the head busy. The wedges struck true but not before the army was trampled under the hundreds of spike legs… Surrounded and mounted, the creature makes a rapid gallop which ungulates through the centipede like a wave and throws all the soldiers off its back. It darts to the back of the cavern. Kapar’te and Athron both look at one another and advance to finish off the dangerous Titan insect while Tokaris sees to his injured. They find it by the river and it rears up to engage. Kapar’te engages it before it can really prepare but his sword fails to pierce the thick carapace. It attacks Kapar’te back but also misses. Athron shifts into his Saurian dinosaur form and charges the monster, takes a hit from its poisoned fangs but also lands some hits of his own. Just then the creature rears up and proceeds to trample Athron his velociraptor Blue and Kupar’te. Athron is overcome and knocked unconscious by the assault and makes its way back to the entrance of the cavern to escape only to run into a recuperating but intimidating Tokaris and army. The creature gets confused in its escape attempt and ends up going in circles. Tokaris and Kupar’te engage with ranged and are joined by other, still standing, kata and bring down the beast with a thunderous CRASH as it slides to a stop at the feet of Athrons still body. Tokaris sees Athron’s velociraptor Blue seemingly distressed and he ran over to find Athrons body. “What HAPPENED Kapar’te? Is he….” “No.” Kupar’te says confidently. “How do you know?” Tokaris asked confused based on the gaping wounds that were no longer bleeding. “Well, look at blue.. He is still sentient… Also, I slipped on a aegis of recovery on him while he slept last night. At Kariins request.” He adds quickly. He turns over the body to find the aegis had crumbled to dust which means it did its job in keeping him alive. “When a river shaman tells me to do something, I listen…” Kupar’te states and Tokaris nods in agreement. Tokaris feeds Athron a potion to revive him but it is not enough. He feeds him another potion, then another and finally the elf comes back to consciousness but not before having his body wracked into rigid paralysis by the venom still coursing through his veins. “We will need to Cary him back, let’s make our way back to X’tahl after we recover enough to move.” Tokaris orders with a crack in his voice from the adrenaline still in his system.


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