Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2 Scene 9

Best laid Plans.....

Our heroes, after spending some time dealing with their individual anger issues towards certain Elf captives, decided that they were going to have to establish their frame of the Elves against the ’Shrooms themselves, using the stolen gear and weapons from the two captives; though Zephyr would be joining them voluntarily from here on out it seemed. The party crept into the Temple and were immediately confronted by screaming plant creatures in cages. Ral sought to communicate with them and learned that they were druidic plant beings that were caged by the ’Shrooms and their leader; some sort of four legged creature that ruled the tower. After making promises of rescue to the most likely benign creatures, the group pressed on ahead, only to encounter some daylight guardians; several ’shroom warriors and a strange green mucus mass assaulted our intrepid warriors brutally.

During the ensuing melee, Emperor Hiro noticed that the attackers had another captive, a Dwarf named Dakus who the verdant invaders were attempting to mind control. the noble leader sprung into action, helping rescue the dwarf while the rest of the group fought off the guards. Unfortunately, the ruckus the battle created turned out to be too much for the slumbering growth below. The party had barely begun to flee when hundreds of the spongy creatures poured out of their warrens to destroy the intruders. Al’Tayir and Ral acted to delay the horde, but it was the sudden appearance of Tokarus and his battlegroup of Giants that saved the day and routed the living wave of creatures.

The party was not given much of a chance to recover, as they quickly discovered that the melee had been witnessed by the leader of the Daikinee tribe living in the ruins, a Captain Kratus Altari and his few followers. Negotiations were arranged between Altari and Emperor Hiro, and eventually an uneasy accord was struck; The elves would provide intel and passage into the dragon’s lair and Hiro’s people would destroy it. If this was successful, then the River Giant’s claim to their ancient home would be acknowledged and formal talks would began about the city and the surrounding territory. Hiro also returned the captive daikinee officer as an gesture of goodwill, and the good Captain officially granted “ownership” of Zephyr to the Emperor. Altari pressed to be allow to clear and thus claim the fungus temple, but the Emperor declined, and our heroes took a few well needed days rest before they headed in to clear out the infested temple and its strange current owner…..


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