Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 7 and 8, Summary

Clearning out X'Tahl

The heroes continue their clearing of X’Tahl. On their way back from rescuing the young Deinonychus, the party encounters a strange sight. A cautious but seemingly friendly Cynwall elf, caked in grime and layers of insect bites greets the party and seems eager for companionship. He introduces himself as Cedwin and joins the party. After a nights rest the party awakes to find one of their members, Al’Tayir, stricken with a strange disease of some kind and must rest. The party leaves the half-elf in the safety of the gate tower and descends down into the Fungus pyramid to the south east. Upon entering, the party immediately encounters a swarm of leeches along with two giant leeches who, with some difficulty are slain. The party moves deeper into the pyramids first floor and encounters two strange creatures amidst the various forms of fungus called Otyughs along with another aggressive and mobile form of fungus. The players are able to overcome the encounter and hear strange warped baby-like cries coming from deeper within the upper levels of the pyramid but must retreat to treat their wounds and afflictions. The players hold u[p in their gate house but are beset by a strange creature in the night. After some back and forth antics, invisibility and many castings of grease the creature reveals itself to be a Faery dragon named Sa’uel. It takes a liking to the group and stays with them for safety and converses with them. After learning of the different entities/factions within the ancient ruins, the group come up with a plan to set the Daikinee and Fungal creatures against each other and use Sa’uels help to gather Daikinee equipment and even use him to lure two unsuspecting Daikinee out of their pyramid where the group ambushes them. The group finds out that one of the Daikinee appears to be an outcast/slave and decide to give that Daikinee an option to join them. His name is Zefer. The other Daikinee ultimately refuses and is subdued multiple times by the party and ultimately placed under Sa’uel’s protection/guard in his second hiding spot in the main gate houses to the south.


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