Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 6, Summary

Clensing of X'Tahl

The Heroes began the session in a fight with the two strange fungal humanoids that they found watching them as they fought the large plant creature. Hiro, growing tired of trying to converse with the alien creatures called Myceloids, engaged them, initiating a surprisingly tough battle. Once the party emerged victorious, it had been made clear that some of the party were inflicted with a strange disease of some kind. Ral, fresh from his night of recuperation from a nasty bout of sea sickness joined the party. Despite the onset of the strange affliction, and unhindered by the booming vocalizations of dinosaurs close by, Emperor Hiro and the group pushed ever further toward their goal, the ancient ruins of X’Tahl. A few hours of tough bushwhacking led the characters to the opening they had been waiting for, the City of X’Tahl in all its ancient glory. The four pyramids formed the center of the city ruins, though another dominant feature was the aqueducts which still rose and ran between and round the pyramids. In the center of the ruins appeared to be gates on the raised aqueducts that were open and draining water into the land below. The grounds surrounding the pyramid were saturated with water which had formed an established shallow lake. Dinosaurs could be seen and heard grazing in the marshes and an entire ecosystem was in place. interested in exploring and reclaiming the city, the group used Hiro’s boat and began to wade into the city noting stone structures barely submerged in the water which looked to have once been the shells of buildings. Insects were everywhere in and around the lake and countless other creatures were seen feasting upon them. While taking it all in, the group was tracked and overrun by a swarm of mosquitoes. Even a giant mosquito, which normally fed on dinosaurs was attracted by the groups scent attacked. In the battle Trihorn was targeted by the insects and lost its life protecting the group. After defeating the insects, the group was in dire need of rest and healing. They decided on setting up camp in one of the gate houses flanking the aqueduct. Trihorn was given a viking funeral. Just as the group were paying their final respects, Athron hear a distressed cry coming from nearby, that for a moment sounded like Trihorn. Athron rushed quickly to the source of the cries only to find a Dienonychus trapped in a hunters trap along the side of one of the Pyramids. As it struggled to free itself, its pack were running away full speed. Athron sprung into action, going to free the animal. In doing so, he had an arrow plunk next to him and realized another one of his kinsmen, a Daikinee archer, was watching, confused and angry. Athron freed the creature and led it to safety while the Elf got irate and tried shooting Athron before he disappeared under the Aqueducts.


Al’Tayir finds herself confused, unsure of the position they have found themselves in, but exhilarated at the same time. She finally has the adventure she always wanted!. The one she had trained, bled, hidden and prayed for. Death was most definitely lurking around every corner, and it was only a matter of time before the Goblin did something to anger these giants…. well maybe that was unfair, he was doing a pretty decent job so far. Who knows where this could lead!? but first, we have to deal with a much more dangerous than the last dinosaur in our camp…..

Act 2, Scene 6, Summary
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