Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 5, Summary

The Chosen Emperor

After much deliberation, the heroes decide to name one of their own as Emperor, Emperor Hiro. The Uraken born Goblin accepted the nomination much to the apprehension of the two Kata’Tsu reps present. From the Sound emerged a Kata’Tsu Shaman called Ka’Riin who embraced the Heroes and the new emperor but warned Hiro that his ascension to Emperor, would not be so easy and that if he was interested in doing it right, he would first have to retake the cultural capitol of the Kata’Tsu and ancient city called X’Tahl. He would have to claim it, clear it and hoist the ancient X’Tahl banner above the tallest pyramid. X_Tahl_Banner.jpg
The PCs parted ways with Telethil who was adamant that his quest not be sidetracked with such an undertaking but did allow for CAPT Tulsa and First Mate Tig to take the group to a staging area already set up by Alayus and Tokaris. Apparently, the two had convinced family and friends from their respective tribes to begin working together to reclaim a section of land directly east of the ruins of X’Tahl in hopes of one day being able to have a space to stage out of in order to reclaim the ancient city. Farms and fishing had been fully established as had a route to the ruins. After a massive feast in their honor, the PCs made way for the ruins to begin the reclamation. After a big fight with a rather hungry and strange large carnivorous plant the PCs spotted some weird humaniod fungus creatures and attempted to engage them in conversation…ct59_2903_tear-in-time_1049_dennischan.jpg


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