Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 3 & 4, Summary

Emperor's Trials part 2 and 3

The PCs push on through the remaining rooms within the underground compound. The remaining rooms have themes of their own with challenges to overcome, challenging the heroes in different ways but all are ultimately beaten leaving the PCs back in the central chamber with the ever present Delovis. Delovis instructed the heroes that the final challenge still awaits them and that they should take time to rest now because once the final test begins, their time to complete it will be limited. The PCs decide to head back to the boat to check on the others and see how the repairs are going. The Pcs tell CAPT Tulsa and Tig what happened and the CAPT is just flabbergasted that they would take on such a task after his warning not to tangel with the Kata’Tsu. It also comes out that Al’Tayir is a half-elf in disguise and the groups takes that news rather well considering their previous dealings with half-elves resulted in the death of a loved one and the mental instability of a PC. After turning to for the night the PCs manage to see two boats each with a single large figure manning them with pole and spear. Delovis had warned the PCs that he had summoned two kata’Tsu that he felt would be strong candidates for leadership should the PCs not wish to don that mantle. Sure enough the two Kata’Tsu came into close range/view. One introduced itself in common as Alayus and wore simple clothes and appeared to be a gentle fisherman. THe other was sleeker and much more militaristic having armor and a ornate spear. He did not speak common but introduced himself as Tokaris. The two seemed to know one another and were very friendly towards one another. They went with the PCs back to the trials. The Heroes accepted the final trial but was asked by Delovis that if they did undertake this test, that they would see it to the “finish”. Upon agreeing, Delovis said their first task was to defeat him and use his “key”, the spear he held at all times. He explained that once the trial started, he would have to attack the PCs as it is his duty not to allow any harm to befall the Emperor and his family. He apologized and wished them good luck in the trial. As the PCs stepped on the alter, Delovis changed and attacked the PCs, activating his teleportation circle sending half the party into random rooms. The PCs took him down and found that through the use of positive energy, they could separate his trapped soul from the undead husk. At that point the incorporeal Delovis instructed the PCs to use the keys and relay the theme from each of the 8 paths. Once the PCs agreed to the themes and recited them the alter rose into a chamber above the anti chamber which revealed a tomb with three sarcophagi (one adult male Kata’Tsu, One female adult Kata’Tsu and a child). THe could see a wicked Ransuer over the Male and a circlet above the female. Almost immediately a Juju zombie river giant grabbed the ransuer and a visage of the female giant materialized in the form of an allip from the sarcophagi and attacked the PCs. After a tough fight the PCs managed to trap the male in a pit and dealt with the female. Using the key spear the female was defeated but not before the ghost of the child jumped into the spear in a vain attempt to protect its mother. Enraged and with the ending of the spell the Male attacked but was ultimately defeated by the PCs. With a final positive energy burst they too were all released from their undead shackles to reveal pure white souls that stood with Delovis and thanked the PCs before departing into the afterlife. The PCs all stood, tired and drained of strength and knowing that a tough choice awaited them, as they would have to choose who would lead the Kata’Tsu people back into prosperity…


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