Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 2, Summary

Emperor's Isle

The PCs find themselves beached on the pebble shore of the Emperor’s Isle, the one place the River Giants forbade them from exploring. The group met up to do a head count and health check. They revived the CAPT and began to take in their surroundings. Telethil finally came to after his days of spiritual shock at the violent loss of his wife. Lasandra was acting weird and snipped at Al’Tayir. The group decided to pursue the gremlin up a stone path which leads up the mountain that dominates the tree less island. The path leads up about halfway up the mountain and ends in a cave entrance which had two burnt torches on either side suggesting recent use. The group proceeded down into the cave following the tiny gremlins footprints which after a 30 minute decent with a few switchbacks revealed a larger chamber with a river cutting through the middle of the room and a strangely placed ornately carved canoe on the river attached to a spike on the far side bank. The room has a large circular stone door with only a sliver opening in one corner. The room was carved all around to show a wrapping mural showing the river giants in an Egyptian-like style pulling up the shore anchor and traveling down a river. the river in the room was 15 feet across and 15 feet down. The group discovered that the door would open by pulling the spike out a bit. This revealed a much larger room with a faint light in the center of this 100 ft octagon. Front and center were three large statues, the first with a snake which had weapons and colored class and sparkly shiny things as offerings at its base. The next statue is an anthropomorphic otter with artwork and handmade items at its base. The third was a crocodile with food at its base. Behind the three statues was a 20’X20’ raised platform with a strange figure looking over golden tablets that gave no response to the party and paid them no mind. The group engaged the figure who eventually introduced itself as Del’Ovis as was identified as a Crypt Thing. Once engaged in conversation the creature took great interest in the world and the PCs. Eventually a sadness came over the undead creature as it described its task in life and death as guarding and watching over the Emperor Kisose and his wife Tilotha. It mentions a trial to reclaim an artifact of great power within this tomb and through diplomacy and conversation was convinced to let the PCs undergo the tasks. With a strike of its staff on the ground of the platform the PCs were teleported into different chambers each with its own task in order to complete. Each room would apparently have a clue that when relayed to the Keeper, would open the path to the treasure.


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