Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 14 and 15

An internal memoir by Emperor Hiro

Told from Hiro’s perspective using the royal We, Us, and Our in place of I, me, and my. Mind that this is player knowledge, not character knowledge, so getting upset over how Hiro thinks about your character is a waste of energy. Feel free to attribute any factual errors to Imperial ennui or Bobby’s forgetfulness, your pick.

With Our subjects now armed with the sacred armaments of the River Folk, they accompanied Us as we further explored the temple of X’tahl. We were leading them bravely toward the next level and our confrontation with the demon when something strange happened: a rip appeared in the air before Us and through it came hurtling three bodies. One was the limp corpse of an Alchemist of Dirz which fell to the ground, followed by a massive orc riding a comically small brontops. The brontops crushed the remaining life out of the Dirz as Ghorak addressed Us, explaining that he was an envoy for his people who had just stopped the dirz from enacting its plans to take Our royal ranseur. Ghorak didn’t know precisely where he was or how he’d been transported, but his mention that he was an envoy search for a new home for his people intrigued Us. So We offered to let him travel with us, should he choose to brave the dangers, and once the danger was passed We would discuss politics with him.

As Our subjects accompaned Us up the stairway to the top floor, Athron spotted a hidden doorway in the stone walls. Exploring within, a cache of gold and treasures was discovered. With this, We will be able to rebuild the capital in a style sufficient to Our glorious new era! We merely need finish clearing the rest of the rabble first. We also discovered another hidden door which was trapped with some annoying sort of magic. Although We were too quick for it, some of Our subjects had trouble dodging its projectiles. Those fools need to practice their foot work and agility if they wish to serve Us properly!

Once the trap was disarmed and the door opened, we found a puzzle chamber featuring statues of the three Katatsu gods. We decided to rest before engaging the puzzle, to ensure that the encounter with the demon would be under most ideal circumstances for Us and Our subjects. After exploring thoroughly (including a quick dip into a water channel that We Ourselves made to be sure it hid no secrets) we were able to solve the puzzle by arranging the moving parts of the statues in the right way to direct flow of water from holes in the ceiling.

The demon appeared. Although one of Our subjects insists that it is a leukodaemon, the nuanced difference of which seems pedantic and useless to Us; demon, daemon, fiends of all sorts are approximately equal. Regardless of the nomenclature, the fiend engaged with a bow at first. We closed the distance quickly, followed by Our subjects and the orc. Together, the creature was dealt with quickly and without serious injury to the royal person or others of the group. Now that we have cleared the Temple, it seems like an ideal stronghold from which We can base our campaign against the dragon, Our last obstacle to mastery of X’tahl. A short time of rest and We will head to its stronghold to deal with that nuisance; then, We will begin the recovery of our lost lands, hopefully with an allied army of Orcs enlisted to aid Us.

The PCs lick their wounds and gather their remaining energy and proceed to the dragon’s lair. They enter using the secret entrance they had discovered a few days back and make their ascent. Upon entering the space, they notice the air is very thin within the pyramid and not long after they made their climb, they tripped an alarm spell. Upon entering the interior of the third level of the pyramid they encounter the dragon who talked to the group through the pure darkness. After some talking, the dragon asks to speak to the emperor. The two parlay and with some very impressive diplomacy checks, negotiations break out with the dragon ultimately agreeing to relinquish his throne and pyramid, if the new empire agrees to build him a new one with the same specifications. He also left the door open for further negotiations about possibly joining the fledgling nation for a price. The group Identified him as an outer planes dragon and did detect some evil in him, but his offers were seen as legitimate regardless…


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