Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2 Scene 13

After the PC’s made quick work of the Undead Priests they ventured into the next level of the temple to try to find the Holy weapons. As they searched the level they saw many other very deceased Kata’tsu bodies strewn about, all seeming to have been slain trying to escape. After some searching, the safe word for the stone golem was found so the PCs returned to the level they had fled so they could recover their captured companions. After being reunited and bringing the other party members up to speed, everyone proceeded back to the level with the Holy weapons stash. After a bit of searching, they were ambushed by more Terra Cotta soldiers and some other; more formidable foes. The Terra Cotta soldiers were pure stone so the PCs weapons took some significant damage. They were able to kill two of the stone soldiers before moving their focus on to the other, snake like warriors. The whole battle was a challenge but the PCs emerged victorious but definitely not unscathed. The undead priest who had helped before was unfortunately slain so the exact location of the weapons was lost. With a bit of searching, however, the cache of weapons was found and distributed to the most capable PCs. They healed up and prepared for their next task….


arcticfox6 Ultimate3711

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