Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 12

Clearing the Temple of the Gods

The Heroes decide that they would like to shift their focus from the Dragon to the unexplored pyramid in the Northeast believed to have been the religious temple in ancient times. After using the barrels of salt on the multitude of swarms in the entrance hall leading into the temple, the PCs find that the ancient stone doors were still unopened. A single cross shape carved into the center of the stone showed the PCs that Delovis’ old spear was the key. They used it and the multiple layers of stone sliding doors opened in rapid and smooth succession. The air was musty and ancient as if it had not been disturbed in 1000 years. The walls in this temple were etched with ancient stories of the Kata’Tsu and have to do with religious life and moral codes, some of which had not been seen in some time and had been slightly changed or forgotten in the current Kata’Tsu culture. The walls are erected inside and funnel the PCs along the southern wall but it was then that the PCs heard thundering footsteps approaching them from around the stone wall. As the PCs round the corner they see a likeness of a anthropomorphic crocodile and Rahl identifies it as a Stone Golem and beyond the capabilities of the group so a chase ensues. Rahl and Cedwin both get captured by the Golem and the others make it to the stairwell where the Golem does not follow. The PCs continue to press forward and run into two Terra-Cotta Soldiers in the shape of Kata’Tsu with ancient double bladed swords. The warriors seem to avoid Hiro with his Ransuer and Xenaro and drop Al’Tayir. While they begin circling Athron to go in for the Kill, Hiro decides to try to get the defense to stand down and with some luck and him jogging the memory of the Ransuer, he is able to get a control phrases which deactivate the Terra Cotta warriors. The group heals up and proceeds forward to find a group of Kata’Tsu waiting in the stairwell leading to the 3rd level. The PCs know something isn’t right as the place did not seem to have been explored in 1000 years and acute observations reveals these Kata’Tsu to be undead disguised as living. They were found to be Huecuva, and apparently they were once temple priests and attendants who had once summoned an ancient evil to bring down the old emperor as he was about to ally with the Ophidians in the ancient Rag’nar’ok. They wanted the PCs help with taking down the ancient Demon that brought pestilence to the City. They al got ready to breach the next level when the group was alerted by one of the Undead that the others were going to ambush/betray the party. A fight ensued with the PCs and the one Huecova vs the other undead and despite the undead’s hopes of killing the goblin and reclaiming the ransuer, they failed and were slaughtered.


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