Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 2, Scene 11

Told from Athron’s perspective

Well we managed to dispose of that horrific horse-plant-person-thing while the Kata’tsu battled the mushroom army below us. We also freed the strange shit-eating Lecshi. We took a few days rest to recover and cure diseases before trying to tackle the Dragon’s temple with the mold eating creatures we got from the Daikinee jackoffs. Ral and Zenaro seemed a bit distracted as we approached the temple in Hiro’s hat-boat. The entry chamber was very dark so the fearless leader (who is also the sneakiest of the group) went ahead to see what he could discover. Apparently he discovered some nasty paralysis-inducing mold. I decided to go after him to discover his fate only to succumb to the molds effects myself. Damn shit shouldn’t be in this area anyway… Hiro finally came to and was able to help me off the mold. We decided to release the mold eaters and return when they had devoured a path for us.

The mold had slowed Hiro and myself down quite a bit and we were also a bit befuddled with seemingly easy tasks. We got some rest and healing from Cedwin which helped but still needed more rest. We took a few days to recover but still needed more time.

THAT NIGHT… Holy shit. So we were all doing our prepping for things or resting or just generally fucking around when I heard something that terrified me. It was raining but I heard the distinct sound of large wings flapping near our camp building. I told the rest of the group to shut up so I could hear better but they must have thought I was paranoid because they did not heed my plea. That is until the damn thing used his cold breath attack and hit 4 of us with it. Cedwin and myself managed to dodge out of the way and were unscathed. I then heard the dragon circling around for another pass and heard it prepping another attack. This time the idiots got out of the way and were not hit. He flew around and landed on the now liberated fungus temple and made another pass at our camp, but did not attack. I heard the distinct yells of the Daikinee in the distance and figured the dragon had gone over to say hi to them. Hopefully they fared worse than us…. Assholes…

Anyway the rest of the night went without incident except for Sa’uel SCARING THE SHIT OUTTA ME!!! I was already shaken from the run in with the dragon and I couldnt sleep very well then fucking Sa’uel decides its a good idea to get a few inches from my face… Hiro was still awake as well and we talked for a bit and decided to go talk to the elves in the morning to see what damage was done to them.

The next morning Hiro, Altayir, Cedwin and myself went to the Daikinee temple. There were a few carcasses of large beetles which I couldnt help but show my pleasure in their demise. This lead to my being dismissed to stay outside but still within ear-shot of the conversation. They discussed potential strategies for dealing with the dragon and shared some pretty valuable information. We told them about Sa’uel and about the Lecshi which I thought was an interesting tactic by our leader but I remained silent. It seemed they had not seen any way for a creature of that size to enter the temple so Hiro decided to search around for something they may have overlooked in the how-many-ever-dozens of years these idiots have been here. Sure enough, I very quickly found something amiss with some of the vines near the top of the pyramid. I tried to point this out to my comrades but they seemed to either not care or think me delusional again. So Hiro came up with a great idea to help me help them see what I was seeing. It took 3 arrows but I finally managed to shoot one into the right spot. Again my party members couldnt see what I saw. The “stone” underneath the foliage SHIMMERED. The other 2 arrows hit magically enhanced stone and shattered but this one simply disappeared into the pyramid. They at least saw that it did not shatter and seemed perplexed but no one but myself apparently saw the shimmering of the stone.

We decided to make camp in the temple of the fungal people in lieu of the dragon encounter and returned there after our scouting mission. The plan was to prepare for a battle against the dragon but Altayir decided now was a good time to question our good leader’s reasoning behind telling the Daikinee about Sa’uel and the Lecshi. She got so far as to suggest they might gather a force to deal with us. I decided to take this opportunity to remind her that we have a force of our own, and one that has already proven not only loyal but very effective in combat. This didnt seem to deter her much at all and I backed down to get some more rest.


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