Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 1, Scene 7, Summary

Escape from Cadwallon and Loss along the way...

The Oparal Family Escort (PCs) reunited with Al’Tayir and we joined by a student of Magister Tessin, named Ral De Kabr (Cynwall PC played by Kevin). Ral was given instruction by Tessin to help the party get to the mage tower to the top floor where the teleport circle was. On their way, they heard commotion in the streets. The party sees a precession of Cadwallon Guard on horseback towing what appeared to be Ank’s unconscious body, flanked by guards on foot parading him through the streets on their way to the guard house. From his injuries, it would appear that his attempt to return Brawn’s equipment went horribly wrong and he was ultimately caught. Not seeing any way to break him out the party decided to get to the mage tower first and then see about getting their ally out. They continued on and the sun was set. They turned onto the street which had the mage tower at the end to find it eerily empty, unlike all the other streets on their path. Out of a distant alleyway came a cloaked figure which, after walking calmly into the center of the street, began to walk towards the party with a large object on its back. A few attempts at communication with the figure elicited no response from the figure who continued to slowly approach the party. The party was able to make out that the figure was a built Akkyshan male with a large sheathed weapon on his back. The figure was Abassador Kelsis Duordis’ body guard called Il’Taeus, who calmly demanded the release of Princess Lisandra. With some sharp words from Al’Tayir, a battle ensued with the single Akkysan and his double bladed sword. He fought well but was ultimately bested by the party. Just before they would strike the Akkyshan male down, the ambassador appeared in the street as if pleading for the safety of the male akkyshan. She and the party agreed to terms that if the group would spare the male drow and allow the Ambassador to question Lisandra herself with the use of divination magic, she would allow the group to leave, un-harassed by the Akkyshan or their vassals. After finding out that Lisandra did indeed want to leave with the party on her own free will and getting assurances that the party would look after her, the ambassador fulfilled her end as did the PCs. Ambassador Duordis, who strangely seems relieved and almost happy with the turn of events surrounding Lisandra, provided the almost naked girl with equipment for her future journeys and left with her male and their soldiers. The group made it to the tower and with the help of Tessin, Teleported to an abandoned tower in the fishing village of Zerin where the group was to meet with an orc captain named Demsi Tulsa and his uniquely red, albeit supremely sturdy boat. After asking around the village, the group found the boat and its gruff captain as well as his small goblin first make named Tig. They also found out that howls were heard and humaniods and wolfen had been spotted in the wilderness area near the village in the Crystal Falls area. Hoping to find Azrael and Kataris, the group set out to the Crystal falls, despite being warned not to by locals. The group finds the falls and follow the sounds of howls and the smoke from a campfire which leads them to a glade with a cliff rising 40’ with a sizable waterfall nearby. Hiro scouts ahead and breaks the tree line and locks eyes with a stern but slightly confused, heavily armored wolfen (Devourer). Communication opens up when a half-elf appears along with two other devourers and he begins to converse in Wolfen. They eagerly invite the “educated” goblin to eat at their campsite when a scuffle and female scream is heard back in the campsite behind the Devourers. The Devs all turn and the half-elf laughs as they all disappear. They reemerge with a hogtied, naked and flayed Kataris. Apparently Kataris had tried to take advantage of the distraction to escape but stumbled into a trap. Seeing that the half-elf was going to execute his ally, he tried to buy time but it was not enough and once the group burst into the glade, the Devs executed Kataris by sawing he head off and letting her body drop into the rocks of the river below. They calmly placed the head on the bluff atop the cliff, grabbed an unconscious Azrael and camly departed the opposite direction of the PCs. With the loud crashing and clinking of armor and weapons through foliage, a Cadwallon Militia unit and Officer erupted into the scene. The PCs tried to catch the Devs at first, but realized they could not and moved to retrieve Kataris’ body. The Cadwallon continued to pursue the Devs up the mountainside. The party mourned the loss of their friend and family. Selsi was besides himself in a rare show of strong emotion. Only with the help from Ral was he able to get a hold of himself. The PCs buried her there after performing her final rights under Cynwall Cultural decree.


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