Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 1, Scene 6, Summary

On the Run in Cadwallon

A surge of adrenalin fills the characters as they step out of the Guard house and into the ever busy streets of Cadwallon’s North Eastern La Hure District. Athron knew a good place to lay low for at least a little while and showed the group to a forest grove in the heart of Cadwallon within the Soma district. There they found a subterranean locality known to house Daikinee elves interested in a more natural setting owned and operated by a discreet Daikinee named Di’Lorin. The PCs took a much needed rest and were finally able to take a look at their hard won loot from the Akkyshan troupe. Whilst divvying up the loot, they happened across a rather nondescript coin from what appeared to be another age long since gone. Upon rubbing the coin they could see markings from an ancient proto goblin dialect. Magic was present as residual around the coin, but never actually shown from the coin itself as if it was somehow being masked. Not long afterwords a rapid knock was heard on their front door. Cautiously, they approached and opened the door only to find a very strange, outgoing orange colored man-sized goblin like creature standing looking inquisitively around at the architecture on the Daikinee underground tavern. The creatures, whose thumbs were on the wrong side of his hand, introduced itself as Tess’laan and thanked the PCs for setting him free. In return for his release, he offered that should the group ever need to buy or sell, he would come to their aid and do so on their behalf, for only a 10% surcharge. He was, after all, a purveyor of all goods, great and small. Not wanting to be seen, they utilized him and purchase some much needed supplies and gear upgrades. After a day of resting, they were warned by Di’lorin that Cadwallon Guards were asking questions about the group and were going to search the place. While preparing to leave, a set of guards knocked on the PCs door demanding to be let in. By sheer luck the PCs managed to find a hidden escape tunnel that would lead to the surface and began to make their escape. Upon reaching the surface, the group entered into a chase sequence which started with sentry guard dogs spotting the group and due to a lack of training with animals the group failed to silence the dogs who then alerted the Cadwallon Guards. The chase led the group up a drainage pipe to the slanted and precarious rooftops of the city, with the guards not far behind. Eventually the guards would catch the PCs who then decided that rather than keep going, they would face their pursuers. A battle ensued with the PCs defeating the first wave of guard pursuers only to be set upon by another group. The PCs fled into the city and eventually lost the Cadwallon Guards to make for the second haven known to Athron, Al’Tayir’s Teachers tower….


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