Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 1, Scene 5

Jail Break

The Group set up in defensive positions with Hiro taking to the shadows, awaiting the approaching troupe of unidentified humans . A few seconds later Hiro and Kataris notices Azrael’s demeanor shift after he sniffs the air. In a spit second, the wolfen tracker takes off in the direction opposite the approaching humans. With a nod from Hiro, Kataris gives chase, but with the sound of metal clanking and branches snapping, most of the group was too focused to notice the departure of two of their members. Just then, four humans clad in guard armor of Cadwallon, erupt clumsily from the brush. You recognize the Guard LT Picklis from the site of the Cynwall massacre days before, though his smug look is now since faded. He is flanked by 3 other ordinary guards who all stop dead in their tracks at the sight of the group and their minotaur in particular. Breathing a sigh of relief that they did not stumble into something a bit more “hostile” Picklis proceeds to tell the group they must come with him back to Cadwallon as their presence has been demanded by people of influence. Despite, or perhaps because of constant physical prodding by Ank and bribery to let them go, the group was not allowed to leave out of Picklis’ sight until his superior arrived. Enter Captain Sniggle, a Goblin in heavy armor, atop a massive Clydesdale horse, with lance, banner of Cadwallon and a helm that has a ridiculously tall pointed top making his height slightly exceed that of Ank. The arrogant and proud Sniggle and his 21 men escorted the group back to the north guardhouse in the North City section of Cadwallon.
Meanwhile in the North Guard house, two new recruits to the City Watch were preparing for their patrols. The Diakinee Elven Druid Athron and the Human (disguised half-elf) magus Al’Tayir were summoned to the Captains office. Captain Rorn was a rotund, sexist and callous man who was always making lewd comments to the female workers to include Al’Tayir. He tasked the two with interviewing a group of adventures that were being brought in due to some “high-up” interest in their well-being. Rorn wanted to know why this group was so important. Al’Tayir and Athron interviewed the group paying particular attention to the two children; Selsi, and more importantly the adolescent, nearly naked Akkyshan Lisandra who was clearly out of place even amongst this diverse party. The investigators were told the truth (particularly surrounding Lisandra) and this was clearly seen when Lisandra was asked to be separated from the group. Al’Tayir stayed with the young girl to make sure she was guarded, when an older Akkyshan Female dressed in very ornate white spider motif clothing arrived at the Guardhouse. Upon seeing Lisandra, of whose name she clearly knew, Lisandra froze. The woman identified herself as Ambassador Kelsis Duor’dis of the Akkyshan empire and told the girl she would be freed from this place and returned to her people within days. Once the lady left, Lisandra began to act like a caged animal wanting out. She finally opened up to Al’Tayir and Al’Tayir and Athron, both not happy with their current employment, agreed to help the group escape before the young drow would be returned to her tormenting homeland. Meanwhile, Selsi and Telethil were waiting in a separate interrogation room when a blue robbed human with long features and numerous crescent moon symbols adorning his person entered their room. His concern for the group was clear and he wanted to help the group after hearing that another group of Cynwall had been openly attacked and defiled in the area. His introduced himself as Tessin and was himself a Selenite Wizard of Lion origin. He promised he would secured the groups release and book them safer passage to the Coastal City of Zerin, if the group gave him 24 hours. That night, the group prepared themselves for anything. They were given their equipment and their cages unlocked by their new guard allies when Lisandra was once again summoned upstairs to the interrogation room. Al’Tayir accompanied the girl and upon opening the door they saw the Akkyshan Ambassador and another martially inclined male standing in wait. Seeing that the Akkyshan was to be freed into the custody of the Ambassador the group acted and a fight ensued. The party stormed up the stairs while Al’Tayir bought them time by casting obscuring mist, cloaking the room and much of the guardhouse in thick mist. The guards heard the commotion down the stairs to the cells and sounded the alert thinking there was a jail break. The fight was furious with the guard’s Colin Fletcher, Verdeeka, the half-giant Barru and the lewd CAPT Rorn. After the fall of their half-giant enforcer the guards ended up surrendering the fight and allowed the party to leave with their Akkyshan charge. The other Akkyshans were nowhere to be found and beyond casting an unidentified spell did not join in the fight.


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