Age of Conflict (Pathfinder Confrontation Mod)

Act 1, Scene 2


The adventure began with a brief interrogation of their Akkyshan prisoner. The prisoner would not say much and after having grown bored with the bribery attempts made by the Akkyshan to buy its life from what he thought were only simple mercenaries… He was ultimately asked by the goblin swordsman how he wanted to die. The drow chose beheading and that was made reality in rapid succession. Azrael attempted to track the troupe of Cynwall that headed North the day before. Upon reaching the main road heading north the wolfen found armored horsemen riding rapidly north followed by a column of foot soldiers from Cadwallon. He went back to the group and everyone finished packing up and decided to take the road north to the city of Zerin to catch the boat across the Strait. Not long after reaching the road they came across a road block of Cadwallon soldiers who stopped the group asking about Cynwall and Akkyshan activity. The PCs all were allowed to pass and go on their way but were warned to have the children avert their eyes. Apparently a group of Cynwall and Akkyshan had a battle in the night and the superior number of Akkyshans allowed them to overtake and defeat the Cynwall troupe. The battle left 6 Cynwall and 12 Akkyshan elves dead. Of particular note was a body of a male strewn up by webs for each extremity between two trees its skin having been peeled from the front of the entire body an d a horrible pain stricken face frozen in time. Azrael was able to see that the skin peeled back was light in color making it a Cynwall and the fat layer now exposed gave away that it was that of an older man. The symbols and air told Telethil that the body had not only been tortured while alive but the body had been desecrated using dark magic. Trying not to attract too much attention the PCs moved on but Kataris could not stand to leave the Prophet in that state. Azrael offered to go bury him and she agreed. Azrael went back to go bury the Cynwall elder but not before the pompous Cadwallon LT Picklis objected and tried to force the Wolfen to stand down so as to not “disturb the evidence”. Cadwallon soldiers who were in the middle of looting all the bodies were then activated into arms in an attempt to stop the wolfen but after a brief exchange of words between Ank and the LT, the LT had his force stand down and the Wolfen was allowed to cut the body down. When the Wolfen cut the webbing around the arms and legs of the elder a burst of strong negative energy erupted attacking the very life force of the wolfen. With positive energy infusion into the wolfen by Telethil and bolstered by his own life force the wolfen continued to cut the webbing releasing more and more energy but he was strong. He was finally able to cut the last strands of webbing and broke the desecration. The Elder was buried and the PCs went about their way. With only another day to go the PCs made camp off the road. In the night the Akkyshans would yet again strike, but this time they were not looking to assassinate, at least not in the camp. Quietly they apparently snuck into cample and were able to steal away Telethil and Selsi from right under the nose ot the strong Ank. Ank did hear rustling and with a roar woke the others. after a few rounds Azrael noticed that the two Cynwall were missing but not Kataris. Realizing the family members were gone including her son Kataris began to panic. Azrael caught the scent of Akkyshan and Cynwall and also some other smelly creature he had never smelled before. After a while of tracking he came to a cave in the forested hillside. THe PCs all entered the 5 ft by 5 ft cave. After a while of winding crampeed quarters and with Hiro in the lead the PCs came to a small opening that was riddled with webbing. Hiro cautiously entered the area and ran face to face with a giant spider which proceeded to come out of its funnel hom to attack the Goblin. Just then another creature emerged from the dark corners that was part humanoid part spider and also attacked Hiro. Azrael moved up to help but due to his size (and because the goblin was too small to get caught) got tangled by a noose made of webbing attached to the roof where he effectively plugged up the tunnel leaving Hiro to fend off the attackers. As if things weren’t bad enough a swarm of spiders erupted from a large section of web and began attacking whatever they could. Eventually the Ettercap was killed by Ank, the spider by Hiro and the swarm was burned to death by a well placed series of flaming hands cast by Kataris. After looting the webs and healing up as much as they could the heroes didn’t feel right and just then a huge swarm of spiders erupted from the funnel web tunnel initiating a chase. The chase began with the PCs running into a huge monster with glowing red eyes who stalled the group with fear. The monster attacked but then dissipating revealing its illusionary nature. The next obstacle was a pit trap which was navigated by the party leading them all to an area infested with bats. PCs began to fail and some started to get overtaken by the huge mass of spiders. Sharp stalagmites, Spear trap, took their tool on the group with the big finale being a wall of fire triggered by pressure plates burning Hiro but also burning the spider swarm that was engulfing him effectively ending the chase. Great game guys!


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